August 4, 2021

Finding out I’m pregnant… and telling Slater

Finally sharing this secret to you! 

I’m almost at the end of my first trimester – and yes, it sure was one amazing rollercoaster ride! It’s totally a whole new world for me! I’m even taking naps now in between work on weekdays and can spend the whole day lounging around with Slater while we re-watch  episodes of Friends.

This is it guys.

We are pregnant.

While I’m feeling all sorts of emotions and scrambling for the right words to perfectly relay this moment I know one thing for sure…

That we just received the biggest gift of 2019.

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  1. Congrats to the Youngs! Baby SKY is coming. Really excited for him/her. 😍 I felt that you’re pregant on your IG Post yesterday because your boobies looks big (sorry for that observation) and today you announced it. Yay!!! Welcome to the Motherhood, Mommy Kryz! 😊 Wishing you a happy journey of pregnancy. God bless you always.

  2. I didn’t expect this to be so soon.. but congratulations to both of you, Kryz and Slater!

    I’m glad I was able to follow you on your journey from being single and now will soon to be a family of 3 👨‍👩‍👧

    Thank you for sharing this to us and hope I can still meet you in the future along with your child 🥰

  3. I am soooo happy for you guys!!! ❤️😭 I literally cried because I have been waiting for this moment to happen and it is finally happeninggggg!! 🥺 God bless to the skyfaaam that’s slowly getting bigger! ❤️❤️ Forever a fan! ❤️

  4. Congratulations, kryzzie! I wish you safe pregnancy and a healthy baby! We love you and Slater, and now it will be the three of you. I expect to see and watch more mommy vlogs in your youtube channel in the future. Love you xx

  5. I cried. Haha Really girls are emotional! I am so freakin happy for you both! Praying for a beautiful and smooth pregnancy for yah Kryz! Uhhhm i think you guys will be having a baby girl. Too early to tell, but yeah. Lots of love! 😍

  6. Omg!! Hello ms. Kryz. I’m a fan for.. i dunno how long haha i was actually in shang a day after ur wedding (not in a stalker kinda way, btw) i was there w/ my fam and i saw you guys but was too shy to say hi :(( anyways, i teared up watching the vid i’m so happy for you guys! Hehe Congrats to you guys!
    Btw. Idol sd sa ako bana si slater kay simple ra daw nya perti na diayng datoa haha we’re one of the viewers na sigeg atamg ug updates sa skypod haha

  7. Hi Kryz and Slater. Been a silent follower for years. And seeing you from being single, to a married woman and now soon to be mom. Makes my heart melt! Goodluck to your new chapter and hope to see more vlogs from you and your little family soon ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you both.

  8. I love you guys!! Congratulations! Huhuhu 🧡🧡🧡 Thank you Kryz and Slater for sharing special moments with us 😭

  9. Im so Happy for you SkyPod Fam ❤️ I think its a boy Haha! Any how, it will look just like both the Mama and Papa.. 😊😊 God Bless ms Kryz, i cried too when you found out you are having a baby!! I want a baby too na. Hehe.

  10. So happy for you and slater ❤️ I keep myself updated with your vlogs.. And I love everything about it.. Hope you will share also your pregnancy updates 😁 congrats!

  11. Congratulations!!! Slater’s so cute when he reciprocates your baby talking!!! Hahahahaha! That hug!!! Ugh!!! 😭💖

  12. I knew it! Your face changed somehow! And your routine on the blog (cooking, more wify/housewife things etc.)! I know that it’s maybe to early to ask, but how do you want to work with your blog when the “little” arrives? Do you want to share with us, how she/he looks? Do you want to show the baby to us? Or for the reasons of the safty you don’t want to be your child a part of the blog? How this kind of problems were solved by the blogger from Sweden, you will see under this link:
    She has 4-month old baby now and she runs the blog with the photos of the baby. I am the follower of hers and of you 😉 Greetings from Poland! :*

  13. I am always viewing your IG stories. Congratulations soon to be mom Kryz! You’ll be an amazing mom, for sure. God bless your little family. Can’t wait to see your lil one on your vlogs, IG stories and even on your feed.

  14. I’ve watched your video for God knows how many times already. I just love how your face lit up when you saw the two lines… I am so happy for you and Slater! So so happy for this wonderful blessing and your small family. ♥️

  15. I am So happy for you guys, I can’t wait to see your bundle of joy.. 😘 I even cried kanina,when I found out you arw preggy. Congrats

  16. I am so happy for you for 2 reasons! 1st is that, of course, you’re pregnant and 2nd is…that you’re writing again! Congratulations to my favorite b/vlogger! 2011 version of me is jumping for joy! 💖💖💖

  17. OMG! I’ve been watching your vlogs and this somehow make me cry! I know you’re going to be a great mom and Slater will be a great dad as well. Congratulations! 🍾

  18. OMGEE..i’ve been watching your vlogs esp. when your vlogging the SKYPOD then your wedding and then now.. CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU.wish you a healthy pregnancy and keep safe

  19. I knew it! When you answered the question why you don’t often post stories its because you’re sick and in my mind probably you’re pregnant and yes I guess it right! I’m so happy for you I even cried watching the vlog when you uploaded it yesterday. I always alarm my phone at 9:58 am to wait your uploads. 😂😍 Anddd Im so happy happy happy. Bahalag balik2 hahaha! Congrats Kryz and Slater. This year is so for you guys! 🥰😘

  20. I am so happy for the both of you! ♥
    I cried when you finally hugged each other. I am dreaming to get married with my boyfriend soon and experience these things too. I am just so happy to see God’s miracles in your life.

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