August 4, 2021

First Trimester Update (week 5-11)

It’s so crazy that I’m filming this right now. I can’t believe that after 10 years of being online, I’m taking to you guys about a whole new chapter- and something so personal for that matter. We’ve come so far! #skyfam forevs! And honestly, I’m so excited to share everything with all of you! 

Here we go! We’re going full-on pregnancy mode for this one! It’s been a long while since I last filmed a sit-down video and today’s topic is a whole lot different compared to what I normally do. 

Everything is so new to me especially now that I’m a mommy-to-be so I thought I would share a first trimester update just to kind of talk you through what I’ve experienced during the first trimester of my pregnancy. (first three months or 5-12 weeks, though I filmed this on my 11th week!) They say it’s the most difficult trimester. It’s different for every woman, and I’m still adjusting to it everyday! My mom had it so bad- puking everything for 6 whole months! I just wish mine won’t last that long. Fingers and toes crossed! 

Again, I’m really grateful for all your lovely messages – it makes me feel so good reading them! ALSO, I’m happy to see our little Youtube community growing – to all my new subscribers, welcome to the #SKYFam and to my long-time friends, thanks for sticking around all this time!


Grab your favorite snack because this is gonna be a long one! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Love this! I found out i was pregnant around October of last year and to be honest,I was more terrified than excited! I was always so nervous and anxious thinking about giving birth. Lol but now looking back, pregnancy is such a beautiful journey! Enjoy every month, every belly transformation and take it all in! Talking to new moms and listening to podcasts (i recommend: the Birth hour and bumps and boobs) helped me in knowing what kind of birth experience I want. Classes are super fun and helpful too, helps you prepare your mind and know what to expect on delivery day.
    So excited for you! You got this! 🖤

  2. Hi Kryzzziieee, I’m sooo happy for you and Slater. I remember my pregnancy days as well, I miss being pregnant. I’m 27 years old and a Mom of one (Supposed to be a Mom of 2 but I lost my baby when I was 7 months pregnant 😞 on June). I just want you to enjoy pregnancy, time is fast and you will just realize you are going to give birth soon. Sooo enjoy every moment of pregnancy. I know you’re going to be a great mom! I can’t wait for your next updates! Love you!

  3. I relate to this so much because I’m going through the exact same thing right now. Literally every sentence you said I was like “yup that’s me”. I think we might even be on the same timeline – I’m due June 2020 with my first. We also just recently revealed the pregnancy and I’m so relieved about it as well because now people finally understand and don’t just think I’m weird. I’ve also been trying to avoid any kind of social event esp those that involved drinking (I drank quite a bit the day before I found out actually) and I felt really bad too but it was not only because I wanted to avoid suspicion but also because I was just too exhausted to even do anything. I’ll definitely be watching all your pregnancy updates now 🙂 All the best!

  4. Why I’m so happy every time you will upload preggy updates. I’m just so excited I even cried sometimes hahaha grabe ka excitement 😂🤣 I’ll pray that you will stay healthy especially during your whole pregnancy journey. 😘🥰

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