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March 25, 2020

Fooding Around Osaka

If there’s one thing we did in Osaka… it’s GET FAT. Oh the food, the immaculate Japanese food. I miss it already! In today’s post, I’ll take you to some of the hidden and not so hidden places that Jack and I ventured to in search for coffee or the perfect ramen. There are soooo many things you can do in Japan, but we opted to spend our very first day food tripping and over dosing on caffiene. So if your likes are along the same lines as ours, hope you enjoy this post!

First stop- Orange Street. It’s an Indie spot filled with pedestrian walk ways and blocks of good coffee shops, indie eats and shops, electric car stations and fashionable people. We had the best coffee here!

Jack and I are coffee addicts and our main mission was to find pretty cafes with good drip coffee. We tried out BioTop first. The place was a greenhouse masterpiece! They had plants and herbs inside and outside the store, and sold Agatha and local brands (leather wallets, statement accessories, beauty products) in the connecting room.

Their servers were so chic too! Look at the pretty lady in black with the blunt bob. Define chic!!! She pulled it off so well. I kept taking photos of the place because I was so in love with it, and she was just staring at me. I could feel the judgement lol.

Urban Research is also a nice coffee shop (so I’ve read), but we didn’t get the chance to try it out. The place looks sooooo pretty though! It’s definitely on my must visit next time I find myself in Osaka!

Walking around Orange Street was a pure pleasure. There were so many things to discover, including this quaint Burger joint that I completely forgot the name of. Interesting fact- there are so many Burger spots in Japan! Jack had the Avocado burger (they have a lot of Avocado dishes too!), and I had the fish burger. It was soooo good! Especially with the BBQ Sauce!

Post eats, we find ourselves at Coffee shop number 2- Giracha Coffee. This we found by accident, but I must say- hands down the best coffee of my life. I don’t know if it was because I was freeeeezing my butt off and the warm latte perfectly warmed me up, or if it was just that hit of caffeine that made me wake up and shake my booty. Whatever it was though… it was DAMN GOOD.

Their baristas were so cool and indie too! The girl (not photographed) was sooo pretty and her english was awesome! She kept asking us about the Philippines while they made our coffee. Another cool fact about Giracha is that its a bicycle shop and coffee shop in one! So you can shop and get your daily dose together… if you ever needed to!

Walking around Orange Street also leads you to a pretty park where you can run around and take pretty snapchats lol. (Follow me: kryzzzie!) We found a lot of cute kids here and well, drank more coffee here! 

We decided to brave the cold and walk to Shinsaibashi instead of taking the train, so we could see more of the city. The lights make the city look so alive and vibrant at night, don’t you think? Especially with the hoard of tourists snapping photos of the Glico running man. I don’t know why it’s so popular but everyone was on it!

On our search for the perfect Japanese Ramen, we found ourselves lining up outside Ichiran under the pouring rain. Was it worth it? Damn yes! It was indeed an experience! After a looooong super chilly wait, we finally got in and were asked to place our orders and pay in advance via vending machine. Then when we were led to our seats, we were amazed to find individual cubicles facing a wooden sliding window where they serve our orders! Definitely not your typical restaurant!

And for dinner, we walked off all that we ate and strolled to Dotonburi, which is just a few meters away from Shinsaibashi. There were soooo many food places and yummy street food there. All we did was randomly look for a restaurant with a long line outside and line up with the locals. That ended up with us having some Okonomiyaki and beer at a random place. It was a fun experience, but I do recommend saving this dish for sharing and ordering something less oily for personal consumption!

 Can’t wait to share more about our fun Japan experience! Stay tuned!

42 Responses

  1. And how is the culture of Japan different from culture of Philippinas? Have you something in common with Japanese? Are you listening to the same music or eating the same dishes? Or this comparison is like to compare The USA with Kanada?

    1. There are a looooot of differences! Cant type them all up here but you should go to both places and see for yourself! Or google it lol

  2. I’m really missing my sister now. It’s been a couple of years since I last saw her. Hopefully, she’ll be able to visit this year. lately I’ve been turning into a foodie, probably because I’m dating one. Ha! And I do love coffee, I cannot stand a day without coffee.

    Next year, I’m planning on travelling to Japan, too. If I ever get the chance, I’ll probably visit these really nice places.

    Stay Wonderful Always,

  3. Hi Kryz! I’m from Cebu and I know how much of a coffee lover you are! So I share the same feels! Maybe sooon you can blog about the best coffee shops who have the best coffeee in the city?? Cause by looking at your IG feed, I feel like you know best! Please pleaaaaseeee. And thank you!!! <3

  4. Hi! I’m Melani and I’ve been following you for a few months and I love your blog! Can I ask you how did you edit your blog so that on the homepage you have got the preview of the posts and if you want to read a post you have to click on ‘READ MORE’?? I know it’s kind of boring to explain it so if you don’t want to write it down can you at least give me a link or something that it explain it?? I started a blog to and I’m starting to learn a few things!

  5. Great photos–loved all the fisheye shots! Very cute shot of Jack sitting behind blue bag with scarf over it! Also, awesome fisheye selfie sister shot–really awesome. I always know when Ms. Camera Jack is with you. 🙂 –Mark/Ohio

  6. Oh forgot to ask–how was language barrier, if any? Saw menus in English. Do you guys speak any Japanese? –Mark/Ohio

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