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March 25, 2020

Full of Life

Notice anything different? Let me give you a hint, “full of life.” Got it yet?

I’m talking about my hair! I started using Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life to keep my curly mane healthy and happy, and it totally works! The problem with having long hair is that the heaviness of it weighs it down, and causes limp and lifeless locks, especially when you use moisturizing shampoos! I hate it when that happens. Usually, I just tie my hair up because they look really bad in photos, and you know how having a bad hair day results in having a bad day-period.

It’s difficult to get shine and volume in one go, but it’s real easy with Pantene. Sometimes I even skip the conditioner because my hair feels so smooth right after shampoo-ing! Pantene Nature Care has two variants: Smoothness and Life and Fullness and Life. If you have straight hair, opt for the first one, and if you have curly hair like me, get the latter.

Today, I wore casual edgy pieces and dressed it up with my emerald green blazer and classic bag. I just loved how spikey my shorts were, that I decided to play around it and come up with a look to complement it. My accessories even included my spike bracelet and creepy crawley ring!

It’s a simple look but what gave it head turning spin was my blow-dry effect hair! (Sorry, can’t get over it!) I think having great hair that bounces with life is key for models and bloggers because it just makes your outfit look ten times better! (Like you’re walking down the runway and there’s wind blowing your way the whole time!) Who wouldn’t want that?

Thank God I have a whole box worth of this perfect formula. (I love you, Pantene Philippines for sending this over!!!!) I’d give you all a bottle if it were possible, but I’m kind of hoarding them now lol. Check out Pantene on Facebook to see how you can score one for yourself, or how other people who’ve tried it also have hair that sways with life and bounces with life!

I don’t usually take this bag out for a spin much because I tend to murder my bags (leaving them anywhere and everywhere) and the soft leather of this bag makes it super sensitive, but every time I do take it out, I always feel so confident and classy, no matter what I’m wearing!

What do you think?

WAGW Blazer (similar here) and shorts (similar here), FFAQ heels (similar here), Scrunch tank, Chanel bag, SM Accessories bracelet (similar here)

Hype this look on lookbook and chictopia!


If you like hair that sways with life better, visit the blog of my friend Laureen Uy 

76 Responses

  1. ohmygosh i so love this outfit very classy!! ♥ i saw your tweets and your body stealer is driving me mad really!! but obviously you are prettier than her ☺☺

  2. Your hair is truly beautiful! It definitely is full of life. I want to try this shampoo out so I will surely look out for it in shops. My hair is the same length as yours and although it doesn’t seem to be as wavy as yours, I try to do everything for it to be so. Do you curl your hair to achieve this look or is it like this naturally?

    As for the outfit, i think it works absolutely great. Everything goes together and I love how you managed to put rock and chic together so well. The colour palette is lovely and sophisticated. You look stunning!

    1. Thanks Adrianna! I got my hair permed at Tony and Jackey but it weighs down sometimes. When I use pantene, it really helps!

  3. I thought when you said “Notice anything different? ” you meant your bag! It’s my 1st time kasi to see you carry a Chanel. Are you not interested to buy a LEGIT and GENUINE red soled Christian Louboutin instead of those trying hard ones such as that pair of heels you have from SheInside?

  4. Oh my gosh you’re a live saver.
    I just bought this bold dark green blazer online recently.
    On the web it looks like it’s just a normal, soft green. And when it arrived, ta-daaa surprise, it’s a LIE!!
    I had problems wearing it because of how bold it is (which is reaaaally uncommon in the country I am),
    but thank goodness you actually blog one.
    So, thanks! 🙂 Oh, and sorry for the long comment. LOL

  5. I love this look! I especially like how you’ve paired the accessories with your studded shorts 😀 Yes, I must agree, having great hair really does make a difference to photos!

  6. I LOVE how you dress up a graphic tee with a blazer, and the touch of badness with the spikes! >_<

    Also someday, can you do a post about how to have NO CELLULITE like you???? Why are you so awesome????

  7. This will be one of my favorite entries in your blog. (Even if most of your blog entries are my favorites! Haha)
    I love the BIPOLAR shirt.
    Anyway, I can’t decide if I want sway or bounce.
    Oh well, have a great day, Ate Kryz (My first time to call you like that lol, awkward.)

  8. i can swear by Pantene Total Care too. ive died my hair 3 times already and it looked soo limp until i tried pantene out of curiosity, after one wash my hair color looked better! my friends even thoght i had it recolored!! and i dont have to stress with it getting tangled the whole day because its just so obedient! i dont even have to comb it!

  9. I love how edgy and chic this outfit is. Definitely my cup of tea. <3

    Btw, from which WAGW collection are your shorts from? I've been looking for the perfect spikey shorts for so long and thank goodness I've finally found them. I hope you could help me with this. Thank you and more power to you!

  10. I believe the ‘creepy crawley’ ring is actually a miniature part of the human vertebra, specifically in the lumbar area :))

  11. Sophisti-Edgy (I’m making up terms now, lol)! Your blazer made your look chic but pair it with spikes and FFAQ heels? My oh my.. that’s definitely edgy! 🙂

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