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November 7, 2022

Getting drunk in Paris, met a skyfam member and went shopping together, eating a snail!

Bienvenue a Paris Vlog 2! 

After the events, hubs and I decided to stay in Paris for a much needed vacation. Our first one together in about 3 years! It felt so weird and kinda nice to be alone together without the kids for once. The trip really opened my eyes and made me realize that we probably need alone time as parents, and our kids need alone time without us too. It was hard and I missed them a lot, but in the long run, they are healthier to experience time apart from us, even just for week. I realized that the old me doesn’t have to disappear just because I became a mom. Old kryz and new kryz can exist together. My kids will have new kryz to nurture and love them, but they can also have old kryz to look up to for adventures and ambition. 

In this vlog, Slater, Mico and I went partying in Paris! We had a great time at Mama Mia- and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a good meal and a great experience. We also shared a lot of fun moments in our apartment and even went shopping with a #skyfam member who I met through instagram! We ended our trip full circle with dinner at Girafe over looking the Eiffel tower- the exact place where we started it. This trip was exactly what we needed and now we can’t wait to come home to our boys. Thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoy this one!

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