August 4, 2021

Giving Slater a Facial

Happy father’s day to all the dads out there, you guys are amazing!

Here at home, I decided to surprise daddy Slater with another memorable experience at the very exclusive “Kryzzzie Salon.” Yes, you read it right. The Kryzzzie Salon is back in business- and with a lot of upgrades too! You’ll just have to watch til the end to find out what exactly I mean lol. Slater also talks about what being a dad feels like at the end of the video- and that’s definitely something to wait for. Enjoy everyone and have a good laugh today!

Products used:

Face Republic

IG / FB: @facerepublic 


1. Mild Cleansing Water 

2. AHA/BHA Toner 

3. Hydro Boost Solution Serum

4. Hydro Barrier Ceramide Cream

5. Purity Sun Essence 

6. 7 Days Sheet Mask 

7. Floral Breeze Hand Gel

Watch the full video here:

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