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July 7, 2023

Goodbye Choco 😢, Another Baby?, Making Pot at Home

It’s a sad end of the month for the Skyfam.

As some of you may know, Choco, our youngest dog and Scottie’s pet, had suddenly developed some sort of strange behaviors. One day, he was the playful dog we all knew and loved, and the next, he suddenly wouldn’t eat anymore, wouldn’t play anymore and just started shaking uncontrollably. We were so scared that we were going to lose him. For a whole month and a half, we had been going back and forth with him to the vet to get everything checked. We had a series of blood tests and xrays done, and we even checked him in the animal hospital just to make sure everything was accounted for. To cut the long story short, we finally discovered that he was going blind.

The doctor had advised us to keep Choco away from the kids because he was becoming aggressive, perhaps due to his disability. It was a difficult adjustment for us to distance the kids from him. We had a whole new dynamic at home where we treated Choco as a special needs pet. He had to be syringe fed 3x a day because he refused to eat. He would literally try to bite the hand that fed him. He would poop all over himself and then roll around in his poop. When we tried to bathe him after, he would bark and bite at whoever tried to touch him. If we tried to comfort him with a rub, he would get angry and snap at us. It seemed as though he was a completely different dog, and no matter what we tried to do, he just was not happy and not his best self.

In the end, we were left with no choice but to find a new home for him. It was so hard to come to this decision because he is part of our family. But we realized that whats best for both of us may not necessarily be the easiest choice. Choco was re-homed, but I am very very happy to share that he is doing a lot better in his new environment. He has started to eat solids again without assistance. He is becoming more playful and growing attached to his new owner. He would tap the door every morning to wake his new owner up, excited to start the day. Hearing this really eased our hearts knowing he getting stronger and in a better place.

We are eternally grateful to them for giving choco a better life.

The start of the next month had more news for us than we were ready to accept. Turns out, Skybear is pregnant… with Choco’s baby! The world really has a funny way of surprising us, no?


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