August 4, 2021

Grocery Shopping #Bisaya

Another Tita moment I truly enjoy doing nowadays… grocery shopping!

It’s time to find my greens and fiber and fruits and all that’s on my list.

I managed to bring my loves and tig bitbit Slater, his best friend Jake and his lovely wife. Yaaay!

If I’m buying things alone, I could finish grocery shopping really fast.

Since I am with these troublemakers, it took sooo much longer with all the pun-filled interruptions. These two can pull the silliest jokes out of everything.

Join us as we pick prime produce and laugh our way around the store!


8 Responses

  1. Hi kryz! I like your vlogs. This one is particularly fun. Hope your marriage will be blessed and will be forever. Really amazed kay maayo kaayo ka mobisaya og estorya.

  2. hahaha permero ni nako nga tan-aw sa inyo video. Nalingaw gyud ko. Gangise ko sukad pag abot sa inyo amigo. Kaalegre naman lang ninyo ay!👌👌👌

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