March 25, 2020

My Hair Care Routine!

Great hair, should care!

I know I’m killing another famous motto there, but honestly, achieving amazing hair is a loooot of work. lol

I know, I know….we are born with naturally good hair and we should leave it alone but cheers to the happy bunch (and meeeee!) who loves dyeing, styling, bleaching, experimenting! C’mon, what’s a kikay got to do?

Because of all things I’ve done (no regrets, sorry scalp), I realized that I have to double up on my efforts to ensure that my hair remains healthy. Nowadays I take a long time with my hair care routine and I am very careful with the products that I use. Again, achieving great hair requires greater responsibility.

So, in this vlog, let me take you to everything I do in the name of lovely locks.

1. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb before taking a bath/shower.

Hair is weakest when wet!

To avoid tugging, pulling, or stretching your hair to avoid breakage or hair fall. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles before you jump on a bath or take a shower. Combing your hair also helps your scalp absorb the vitamins and healthy essence of your shampoo.

2. Choose an All-Natural Shampoo.

I’m using Love, Beauty & Planet Shampoo and Conditioner with Argan oil and Lavender. I’m loving how their products are vegan and cruelty-free! It also had no silicone and parabens – harmful chemicals that kill the natural oil balance in your hair and scalp.

For those asking where to get them, I’m happy to say that they’re available in local stores.

3. Less is more when it comes to shampoos.

Here’s a myth-buster… using more shampoo than needed won’t give your hair an extra push or shine. Quite contrary, using too much will cause overstimulation of the scalp. This could lead to hair fall, hair breakage and worse, dandruff!

I usually try to keep my use to just as big as a 10-peso coin. No more, no less. Don’t add it directly to your hair – try to make a lather with your hands before massaging it into your scalp using your fingers and NOT your nails. Our scalp is not as thick as the body skin. Be extra careful on how you treat it.

4. How often do we shampoo? As often as you need!

There’s a lot of buzz and debate as to how often should we wash our hair. My two cents is… wash it according to the condition of your hair and scalp. If it’s too oily, an everyday wash is a wee bit necessary. Otherwise, once every two days should be enough. Go check with a dermatologist, if you don’t know exactly your type.

5. Shampoo at night.

Yup, this is more of a preference, but I like to rid my hair of pollutants before sleeping. When you sleep, your hair goes everywhere and so near your face. You can imagine how the dust, and other bad stuff transfer from your hair to your face – double whammy on this one!

Also, shampooing your hair before sleeping helps you get a refreshing beauty rest.

 6. Conditioner application trick – go from the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

 7. Don’t wrap your hair with a towel!

 8. Use a hair serum or hair oil before applying heat or jumping into styling.

Applying oils and serums add extra protection to the hair. This helps avoid bad moisture build up that causes bacteria, dust and other pollutants to thrive in your scalp.

Here are a few great products I’ve used:

IGK Call-time Styling Primer
Lee Mon Won Essential Serum
L’oreal Extraordinary Oil
Color Wow Dream Coat

It’s also helpful to pay attention to your blow-drying settings and make sure that it’s not too hot – or else, you’ll just be leading your hair to more damage.

9. Switch your hair part from time to time.

Avoid exposing only one portion of your scalp to avoid damaging that part.

10. You have to brush your hair!

I feel so bad that I only ever commit to doing this not too long ago. I was a fan of perm – and the minimal effort you do to style and care for it. I didn’t know that not brushing my hair isn’t really the best way to achieve healthy scalps.

Brushing triggers the scalp to produce natural moisture.  It helps distribute the moisture down to the ends of your hair.

Phew! That’s all I can share for now. I hope you picked up a thing or two! You can watch the full vlog below to if I missed some details here!

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  1. Hi ate Kryz! I watch your vlogs and they keep me track on achieving my dreams just like u and kuya slater. But I have this problem, about hair loss. I tried losing weight because of people who judge me for being a “pig” so I went on a diet and I can say that it was an unhealthy one after 2 months my hair is starting to fall out. I hope you could help me

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