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May 26, 2024

Happy 2nd Bday Sevi, His only wish- granted!, He keeps stealing the camera to vlog!

To the silliest boy in the world who never fails to make our hearts sing, our not-so-little Seven Kai, Happiest 2nd Birthday!

We spent the weekend at a beach resort here in Cebu as per Sevi’s request. The kids had such an amazing time! We even got a room upgrade (Thanks, Shang!) Seeing Sevi being able to interact more with his environment and developing such a strong personality of his own really leaves me speechless. It’s amazing how Scott and Sevi were made of the same stuff, raised in the same way, but can be so different! How would you guys describe their opposite personalities? I feel like if I listed it down, this description would be so long! They are miles apart indeed, but I’m happy they get along so well.

Which part of this video is your favorite? I can’t choose!

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