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June 9, 2024

Happy 4th Bday Scottie!, 36 weeks pregnant, Q&A with the kids

My my how time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we had our first baby Scottie Boo. Our lives have changed so much when we had him and I really can’t imagine life without the kids now. We celebrated at Bake Space with his classmates and some friends as per Scottie’s request. He really wanted to make his own Lightning McQueen cake, and he did it so well in spite of all the obstacles! (there was actually an incident that happened, but Scott managed to pull through!) I’m so proud of the little man he has become. The sweetest little boy that truly adds color to every room. We love you so much Scottie boo!

In this vlog, I also give a little 36 week update. Yes, baby 3 is coming soon and it’s getting harder and harder to move and vlog haha. Hopefully we see him come out soon. I know we all can’t wait to meet him!

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