November 18, 2020

Have breakfast at the #SKYpod

Today we’re taking it slow. It’s a much-needed breather.

Mornings at the SKYkitchen are becoming a daily vlog routine that we all share. It’s easy, slow, and calming. So today, we go a few breakfasts back. Some of these were filmed right around the time I had Scott! Who here remembers? Comment a “ 😉 👶🏻 “down below *if you’re reading this* and it will be our little secret!

We don’t usually make compilations like this where nothing much is happening aside from…well… making breakfast. But today, I feel like creating a space where we can all allow ourselves to really be still, slow, and intentional. Instead of watching at 2x speed (guilty), sit back, and enjoy the good music. Allow yourselves the time to breathe, the headspace to think, the minutes to just… relax.

Have breakfast with me?

Watch the full video here:

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