August 4, 2021

HEALING VLOG: Staying in the #Skypod, Smoothie Recipe, Wifey life


When was the last time you had a quiet moment? If it’s a hard question to answer, don’t worry, most of us are in the same zone!

Which is why it’s great to find time and appreciate life – sometimes quietly, or sometimes with an epic music to set the  soothing mood.

If you’re on a hunt for some amazing ear tunes, check out Epidemic Music and get an awe-inspiring track!


Here’s a little exercise…

Whatever you are doing,
wherever you are right now,

Take a deep breath in.
Count to 5,
and slowly,
breathe out.

How do you feel?

Sometimes, life is pulling us to a lot of different directions.

Sometimes, we cannot shut the noise out of our busy head.

Here’s the truth: there’s something magical about being at peace with yourself.

Let me share with you the little quiet moments of my life that I came to love and treasure.

2 Responses

  1. I am into watching vlogs of anyone most of the time I would just go to youtube and watch random videos. I haven’t come accross a content like this ( baka naman meron ibang ganitong videos, but for me, my first.

    I got hooked. It is so REFRESHING. It is different. It feels like a breather from everything. I don’t know, but somehow it changed my mood. It also made me think na, okay pala to do nothing in a day, okay pala na the only thing you for a day is breathe.

    I want to write more, but i don’t know how else can I express how I feel. 😊 THANK YOU for this.

  2. Make some more vlogs like this! I didn’t even notice it was nearing the end – just means I liked it. 🙂 The skypod’s so beautiful 😭 and bonus I got to see what you’re making – made mental notes on them. Haha

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