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January 28, 2024

Hong Kong Disneyland, Sevi’s First Roller Coaster, Playing Hide and Seek

Took the kids to HongKong Disneyland with some friends and had such an amazing time. I was scared to go on this trip at first, because I didn’t know I would be pregnant by this time. Not gonna lie, I was pretty exhausted after the trip. I needed a few days to recharge just at home. 2 hyperactive, clingy boys and being 16 weeks pregnant while in an amusement park was not easy. I’m just thankful I was able to get a lot of help from hubs, yaya and some friends to keep them entertained. Of course, seeing the smiles on their faces- or more accurately, the look of amazement, was worth everything. I loved Disney as a child and getting to share the magic feeling with my kids was extra special. I can’t wait to show them more about this beautiful world. Hope you guys enjoy this vlog!

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