1 year ago

How I Keep My Butt, Legs and Tummy Toned

New Year, New Me! The wedding day is fast approaching and I’m doing the exact opposite of what I should be doing! I’m eating like it’s no body’s business, and I’m having less and less time to take care of myself with all the things that I need to prepare!

Hopefully, this video will keep me inspired to workout and keep my body in tip top shape! Most of the workouts and stretches I’m doing here may look funny, but I swear, the are very effective! Try them out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Stretching starts at: 1:12
Workout starts at: 4:45


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  1. Hi Kryz,

    This is Ryan from Common Suits, a Singaporean Tailoring. We recently launched our first oversees brand in Manila and we are looking for weddings that we can tie up with. We heard that you’re getting married soon, and we were wondering if your fiancé already has a suit? Thanks!

  2. Want this workout. Gonna use this for a guide for my balik alindug program, ug dili ko ma tukaran sa katapul ;D hahaha .

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