March 25, 2020

VLOG: How I Pack for Bali

One week in Bali. One Suitcase. What to bring?!

So, Slater and I got this sweet invitation from Kiki, who’s launching her new line.

This trip is not gonna have touristy/surfing/adventure packed activities. This would rather be just a chill and relaxing trip.

I’m giving myself a lazy pass and get dresses instead of pants and tops. Hahaha.

But other than what to wear, I want to walk you through which items I’m bringing with me.

Like these sunscreens! Sun protection products for your face and body SHOULD always be in the mix, when travelling.

Oh! Have you guys checked out the new February Lifestyle collection? I’m bringing a few statement pieces with me to jazz up my look.

Treat this as some kind of a traveller essential vlog – hopeful some of you who plans to go on a trip can pick a tip or two!

What gets into the bag? Check out the video below:

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