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How Much Do Spray Tans Cost? – Factors to Consider First

How Much Do Spray Tans Cost

If you’re afraid of damaging your skin while tanning under the sun or tanning beds, spray tanning is the best option for you.

Yet, there’s one thing you think is stopping you from doing it. You’re worried about how much a spray tan costs your pockets.

Here’s the thing. If you know how to spray tan effectively, your money won’t go to waste.

As you get the answer to your question, you can read further on the article to guarantee the best results with your spray tan. So, how much does a spray tan cost exactly?

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The Real Cost of a Spray Tan

The Real Cost

One thing’s for sure. There’s no best answer to this question about spray tanning.

To give you an idea, the price of a spray tan varies greatly. Spray tan prices can go as low as about $5 to as high as $100.

You can tell it’s a huge range. If you’re wondering why’s that the case, several factors can dictate a spray tan cost.

What Decides the Spray Tanning Cost?

Here are some factors that can tell how much does a spray tanning session cost.

  • Quality of spray tanning product
  • Type of spray tan
  • Desired tan shade
  • Spray tan brand
  • Type of tanning salon

Other Things to Consider in Your Price Radar:

  • Keep in mind that spray tanning prices can also vary depending on your location. So it’s good to ask your local salon to get better insights.
  • You also need to consider if you’ll have self-tanning products or a professional spray tan session. As expected, the latter costs a bit more since an expert tanner undergoes rigorous professional training. (You’ll understand what professional tanners have to go through if you decide to be a self-tanner). 
  • Having a spray tan appointment in spray tanning salons can be a bit expensive. But don’t worry, as many spray tanning salons offer packages and discounts from time to time that can save you huge amounts of money.

One of the advantages of getting a spray tan over other tanning solutions is you can use spray tanning products almost anywhere you want.

With that, you have the freedom to get a spray tan with guaranteed privacy.

Can You Save Money with a Spray Tan at Home?

Can You Save Money

Let’s start your spray tanning journey inside the comfort of your own home. It’s no surprise that most people find this the cheaper option.

All you need to do is to invest in the best spray tanning product for long-term use. You can choose from plenty of tanning solutions.

You can have a spray tan bottle for less than $10, but don’t settle with cheap self-tanner products with low quality. You can already secure quality products for a spray tan cost of under $30.

1. Tanning Gun: The Ever-Reliable Spray Tan Solution

Not everyone only wants a perfect golden glow for a special occasion.

If you’re someone who wants a beautiful bronze glow without the painful sunburn all year round, a spray tan machine or gun is your best bet.

A tan gun has an average cost of $200, and you can use it for many occasions. Consider it as a one-time investment that will surely go a long way.

With all the available tanning options at home, the cost of self-tanning at home is on the lower end of the spectrum. You can do sunless tanning inside your home for about $15 per session on average.

2. Is Self-Tanning at Home Worth It?

If you’re an expert self-tanner, you can definitely save a lot in doing the procedure at home. Even those who mastered self-tan solutions have a fair share of horrible tanning experiences.

So, it’s best if you have a professional to get the job done. You might have some doubts about this option.

Sure, it’s awkward to stand naked in front of a stranger, but most tanning therapists can handle the situation well enough to keep your worries away.

If that’s not enough to convince you, there are tanning booths dedicated for someone like you in a typical salon.

Worried about commuting or driving to the nearest airbrush tanning salon near you? The next option is your perfect tanning solution.

Tanning On The Go: Is Mobile Tanning Worth a Try?

Mobile tanning is a popular method among many people because it brings expert tanning quality right to your home.

This option is the perfect combination of the other spray tanning options on the list. It lets you enjoy a convenient yet expert tan session that you would get in a tan salon.

It’s a complete package, especially with your friends and family. However, you must prepare a bigger budget to avail of this service that can cost anywhere between $50 and $150.

One possible factor contributing to its high spray tan cost is that mobile tans service may include a tanning tent.

If you don’t want the hassle of staining the seats of your car, mobile tanning is for you.

How Much Does a Spray Tanning Session Cost at a Salon?

How Much Does a Session Cost at a Salon

Here’s where things get complicated. As you step inside the salon, a staff member will ask you what type of spray tan you prefer.

You can either have a tanning machine session or airbrush spray. The spray tan cost will depend on these.

Each option works to suit the different needs of people who want a body tanned to perfection.

Both tanning methods work without exposing your full body to harmful UV rays, may it be from the sun or tanning beds.

1. How Much Does It Take to Experience Getting Sprayed in Spray Machines?

If you’re curious about how much does a spray tan machine costs, estimates will give you an average spray tan cost of around $30.

Here’s a tip for you: don’t settle with inexpensive sessions, or else you’ll regret it.

While better quality machines are more expensive, the results you get are close to perfection. Expect to have a natural body tan look with more even coverage as if you turned brown naturally under the sun.

2. Is Airbrush Tan an Affordable Option?

Airbrush tanning offers you more freedom to spray tan your skin of either your full body or only a part of it. You can highlight your abs, breasts, or muscle tone areas with an airbrush tan.

If that’s the case, you need to spend a bit more, but it’s all worth it. The airbrush tan price varies as well, depending on your location, technician’s skills, and the areas you want to highlight.

On average, its price falls in the middle part of the spray tan cost spectrum. Spraying your skin with an airbrush can cost you between $30 and $80.

Again, the higher the airbrush spray tanning cost, the better the quality you can get. The quality also affects how long this type of spray tan will last.

How Can You Get Your Money's Worth with Spray Tan?

How Can You Get Your Money's Worth

Now, you know how much does a spray tan costs and some things you need to consider. Regardless of what the price tag says, you can get your money’s worth with the following tips.

What to Do Before Your Tan Session:

Here are some preparations you can make before your spray tanning procedure:

  • If you have unwanted body hair in your underarms, arms, and legs, waxing is a must.
  • Exfoliate and hydrate yourself to ensure your skin absorbs the tan solution better for a long-lasting effect.
  • Don’t apply any deodorant, makeup, or moisturizer to your skin that would only stop you from achieving the perfect tan you desire.
  • Better get yourself tanned naked for an even tan. If not, you can wear disposable underwear.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing to avoid your clothes from touching certain areas of your body as it absorbs the tanning solution.
  • Decide on what tan shade you want to achieve. Don’t worry; a tan therapist will help you in this matter.

How to Keep Your Tan Look After Treatment?

You don’t want all your preparations to go to waste after your tan session. So, here are some post-treatment tips for you:

  • Avoid going to gyms, hot showers, spas, and other places where you’re most likely to shed off the upper layer of your tan skin.
  • Keep your skin moisturized every night to make your tan intact in depth.
  • Blot, dab, or pat your towel on your skin after showering. Do not rub the towel if you want to keep your tan look.
  • You can apply makeup after tanning but you’ll need to wait at least 6 hours to be safe. The same applies when you use self-tanners.

How Safe is Spray Tan?

How Safe

The big question now is how safe a spray tan can affect your systems, especially your outer protective layer. If you’re worried about how much does a spray tan cost, your health is the top priority.

After all, you don’t want to spend more money on your hospital bills than on your tan session.

While your risk of getting skin cancer and premature aging is low, you’re exposing your skin cells to some ingredients in spray tanning.

Most tanning solutions contain dihydroxyacetone or DHA, often found in plant sugar. This natural compound reacts with the amino acids to simulate a tan temporarily.

While considered non-toxic by the FDA, some studies showed that it could potentially damage DNA and cause diseases like cancer.

DHA found in lotions, as with most self-tanners, can only penetrate the outermost skin layer. Yet, you’re at risk of inhaling it when mixed in spray-on self-tanners.

So it’s best to have yourself tanned for special occasions only.


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