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How to Apply BB Cream Using Fingers, Makeup Sponge, and Brush

How to Apply BB Cream Correctly

Getting tired of using foundation or your makeup not working for your busy schedules anymore?

We’re glad to say there’s a product that doubles all the things you have in your makeup bag!

Allow us to teach you the magic of BB cream, and turn you into your very own makeup artist!

Shall we get started?

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How to Apply BB Cream Tutorial: Using Fingers

Using Fingers

Without further ado, here’s the first way to apply BB cream: fingers!

Step 1: Apply Little BB Cream at a Time

To easily have better control of the amount of BB cream you’re going to apply to your face, the first step is to apply BB cream onto the back of your hand.

This way, you’re able to limit the amount that’s actually going on your face.

You may build it up, but you do not want to have that cakey makeup look. Eventually, this would also help you identify the coverage of your BB cream.

Step 2: 5-Dot System

Once you have a dime-size amount of BB cream on the back of your hand, apply BB cream using your fingers to the 5 spots on your face.

One on your forehead, another on your nose, chin, and one on each of your cheeks.

Keep in mind that these dots should be EQUAL in amount, and be careful not to smear once you’ve put them on the product.

Step 3: Patting BB Cream in Place

Next, use your middle and index fingers to pat the BB cream onto your face gently.

The keyword here is gentle.

  • Start on the middle of your forehead and work your way to the sides.
  • Move on to your nose and then your chin
  • Finish it up by patting the BB cream on your cheeks.

Use small and soft circular movements, and occasionally tap your fingers up and down to prevent skin irritation.

Why is this important? Doing this provides your skin with both even and full coverage.

Apply a thin layer, and wait for the beauty balm to be subtly dry and be absorbed by your skin.

If necessary…

You can build it up by adding another layer. Just make sure not to add too much to your face at once.

Take Caution With Your Eyes

When applying beauty balm cream or BB creams, any makeup artist will tell you that you must take an even more gentle method around your eyes.

Stroking under your eyes could form lines due to the dragging of the skin, so it might be your first interest to use a patting technique instead.

Step 4: Use BB Cream to Conceal Imperfections

After you’ve applied BB creams to your face, it’s time to ask “Mirror Mirror, who is the fairest of them all?”

But really… what you should do is:

Check if you’ve given yourself an even coat and if you’ve covered all the necessary parts.

If you find yourself needing another layer, be careful not to make this portion of your make up too thick.

While BB cream can double as makeup, covering every single imperfection and all problem areas is not what BB cream is for.

How to Apply BB Cream: Use a Makeup Sponge

Makeup Sponge

This second part is a step-by-step guide on how to apply BB creams with a makeup sponge.

This method is BEST for those with oily and sensitive skins, as using your fingers may add an even more oily finish or irritate it.

Step 1: Wet Your Sponge

The first step to using a sponge for BB cream is wetting your sponge.

Spraying the sponge with a face mist should allow the BB cream to cover your face smoothly and evenly.

This step also makes sure the BB cream actually sinks onto your face and that majority of the makeup does not get stuck on the sponge.

If you don’t have any face mist, you may also use plain water.

Step 2: Apply a Small Amount

The next step is to apply BB cream using small amounts on the back of your hand.

With a sponge, this isn’t as necessary as opposed to using your fingers, but we can’t be too careful. After all, this is skincare and makeup we’re talking about.

This generally allows you to have better control of the amount of product on your face.

Step 3: 5-Dot System

With your middle finger, make five equally-sized dots on your face with the BB cream.

Again, make sure they aren’t too big and that you won’t be accidentally smearing them. We don’t want any excess being overly present on your face.

Step 4: Smoothening BB Creams Onto Your Face

Now use even and firm outward strokes with your sponge, and gently smoothen the BB cream unto your face.

  • Again, start at the CENTER of your forehead and work towards the sides.
  • Then your nose, chin, and each of your cheeks.
  • When you get to your cheeks, start with the area nearest to your nose and stroke the cream in an outward way and manner.

Applying BB Cream Around Your Eyes

You want to be extra careful with BB cream application to these problem areas, such as under and around your eyes.

With your sponge, reduce the amount of pressure you were previously using for your face since the eye area is more sensitive.

You want to ensure minimal dragging around these areas so you don’t accidentally make the coverage uneven by producing creases. Yikes!!

If you think using a sponge might be a bit difficult for this area, you may switch to using your fingers and gently pat the BB instead.

How to Apply BB Cream: Using a Brush

Using Brush

If your BB has a buildable formula and medium coverage, it’d be in your best interest to use a long, fluffy nylon brush and use that in a sweeping motion.

On the other hand, if you want fuller coverage, you could use a foundation brush with dense hair and a compact head.

BB cream application using a brush is best for those with dry skin, as they typically use more liquid types of cream.

Step 1: Dime Size Amount of BB Cream on Your Hand

Just like the aforementioned techniques, start by adding a dime-size amount of cream to the back of your hand.

Again, this makes sure you’re more able to control the amount going on your face.

Step 2: 5-Dot System

Without putting on big dots and smearing them, apply equally-sized dots on your forehead, nose, chin, and each of your cheeks.

Step 3: Even Out the BB Cream

Use your foundation brush to spread out the cream.

Spread with the firm and even strokes, especially if you have a liquid type of cream.

Typically, using a brush would result in a smoother finish and is LESS HARSH on your skin.

That said, you don’t have to be too afraid of using pressure with a brush.

You can ask your makeup artist if you need any tips for how firm your strokes actually have to be.

How to Apply BB Cream: General Guidelines

General Guidelines

Now that we have taught you the different ways on how to apply BB cream to your beautiful skin, here are some things to take note of.

Know Your Skin Type

First thing’s first, know your skin type.

Remember that all the usual Korean BB creams are formulated with equal parts makeup and skincare.

As we’ve already stated, there are different types of BB creams.

Don’t worry though. There’s a best BB cream for all skin types!

Manufacturers have found a way to get that oil-free and natural look you deserve in just one product for skincare and makeup!

Start impressing those boys, ladies!

Oily and Sensitive Skin

If you have an oily skin type, be particular about the ingredient list contained in your product.

Keep watch of extra ingredients such as fragrances.

The fewer chemicals in your pro-BB creams, the lower the chances of it reacting with your makeup. The same applies to foundation.

Moreover, MAKE SURE your product is hypoallergenic and provides a matte finish.

You also don’t have to top it with any more powder, as you would with foundation.

Normal Skin

Do you have a normal skin type? Then great!

You may focus on getting some products with hydrating properties.

If you have uneven but normal skin, you could go for creams that can even out your skin.

No worries here, you have the best of both worlds!

Just make sure your skincare contains a moisturizer and that your makeup doesn’t negatively react with your cream!

Make sure to take note of the requirements your skin asks for, too.

Self-care people, self-care!

Dry Skin

There’s one thing that dry skin types need: hydration.

In that case, the best BB cream for women with dry skin types are water-based and have a liquid consistency.

The thicker your product, the dryer your skin will be, so avoid those types of products.

If you follow this way, you won’t need makeup such as a highlighter or other products that typically add a glow to the skin.

Prepare Your Skin

Before applying BB creams, you want to ensure your face is all prepared for perfection!

That’s right, make it perfect and then turn the perfection up a notch. We don’t settle for less in this house!

Cleanse your skin before applying any makeup products, including BB creams.

You want to remove dirt, excess oil, and dry skin cells before using a makeup product later on. It’s the same process before adding foundation, so we trust it’s familiar.

Apply a Treatment Serum

This step doesn’t necessarily apply to all types of people!

However, if your skin’s dry, it’s going to be a fan of an additional serum. We highly recommend a Vitamin C serum if you want lightening properties.

Some BB creams also focus on features such as foundation qualities, redness, acne, or concealing.

In this case, you need to hydrate before the BB cream application.

What is BB Cream?


Now that you’ve learned how to apply it, here’s a bit more information on the product itself!

BB cream is short for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm.” It’s a combination of all the essential products you need for your face.

This blemish balm can act as a foundation, a concealer, moisturizer, sunscreen, a primer, and so much more!

It’s the only product you need among the things in the market!

As if that’s not enough yet, it also improves the quality of your face.

Yes, it does even more than even coverage doubling as makeup! Convinced it’s better than foundation yet?


Most BB creams contain ingredients like Vitamins A, C, and E, making sure that your skin’s elasticity is right.

It also contains SPF, which is PERFECT for anti-aging properties.

There is no need to fight fine lines and dark circles with hundreds of products, just as long as you have this monster!

Ehem ehem… A beautiful monster that is!

Skin Care Benefits of BB Cream

BB cream could give to your face a ton of pros, the pro of each depending on the type of cream you picked out.

For example, some BB creams are formulated for oily skin tone, designed to give a matte finish.

While other BB creams are formulated for concealing.

Here’s a list of the overall pros of BB cream:

  • Hydrates and smoothens skin texture
  • Clears acne
  • Conceal skin imperfections (acne scars, pimples, dark spots)
  • Acts as a tinted moisturizer
  • Sun protection from UV rays
  • Reduces skin redness
  • Minimizes skin pores
  • Anti-aging



#1 Do You Apply BB Cream with Your Fingers?

Yes, you may apply BB cream with your fingers.

If ever you do, make sure to dab gently and use a circular motion.

#2 Can You Put BB Cream Instead of Foundation?

You can put on BB creams as a part of your daily makeup and skin care routine in place of foundation.

If anything, BB creams could be a bit lighter in coverage as compared to foundation, yet thicker than a tinted moisturizer.



Part of those people always in a rush?

Well, we’re happy to report to you that you may use BB cream to double as both skincare and makeup!

We understand that we always want to look presentable and feel our best, but time constraints and busy schedules don’t allow us to even put on foundation during our skin care routine.

However, regardless of whether you would like to switch to BB cream, CC cream, foundation, or other makeup products, we hope that you feel confident and beautiful in the ways in which you wear them!

With that, what BB cream do we highly recommend? It’s none other than the BB Cream by Missha, so take a look at our review and see if it’s the right product for you!

Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab your makeup bag and apply those BB creams like you’re a celebrity makeup artist!


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