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Updated September 10, 2021

Missha BB Cream Review

What it is:
A multi-function BB cream perfect for regular use for both skin care and make-up
Skin Type:
Best on normal, combination, or dry skin
Skincare Concerns:
UV protection, anti-aging, hydration, and coverage
Creamy, slightly thick formula
Highlighted Ingredients:
  • Botanical oils and extracts from Macadamia, Jojoba, Rosemary and Chamomile: act as antioxidants and are great for moisturization.
  • Arbutin: skin whitening benefits.
  • Octinoxate, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide: protects skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Adenosine: helps produce collagen and elastin for anti-aging.
  • Beeswax: has skin healing properties.
Ingredient Callouts:
Dermatology tested, Cruelty-free

Never leave for work without some BB cream on! Besides, no one wants to show up with a pimple scar or uneven skin tone!

BB cream gives that extra boost of confidence to face workmates and clients. Surely, it gets you through a busy day.

Go for the best! The M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ is definitely the diamond of all BB creams!

Here’s a Missha BB Cream Review to help you decide!

Table of Contents

Product Overview

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream offers medium coverage that effectively covers dark spots, evens out skin tone, and protects your skin from sun damage (SPF 42 PA+++). 

It even provides anti-aging and brightening effects.

There are five shades available for you to choose from, and is suitable for all skin types. You’ll definitely find your match.

Say goodbye to a hefty make-up bag! This multi-purpose BB cream is your loyal companion!


  1. Great value for money
  2. Lasts you easily at least 4 months
  3. Can easily mix with other products
  4. Medium to High Coverage
  5. Doesn’t oxidize or cake up
  6. Evens out skin tone and protects from UV rays
  7. Stays on your skin


  1. Unsuitable for oily skin types
  2. Need powdering and blotting papers to keep looking fresh
  3. Too much will cause unnaturally white skin

What To Consider...

Things to Consider

Before deciding on what BB cream to buy, there are two things you need to define: your skin tone and skin type.

Skin tone ranges from the darkest of brown to the lightest of hues. It is affected mainly by genetics, and sun exposure.

Your skin type can either be normal, combination, dry, oily, or sensitive.

The goal is to find a product that best matches both factors. Luckily, the M Perfect Cover BB Cream covers a wide range of skin tones, and skin types.

You should also be sure to find out if you need greater color correction. You might want to try a CC cream for that. 

BB cream and CC cream vary in terms of color coverage, in case you needed clarification.


MISSHA is a South Korea-based skin care and cosmetics company, established back in 2002. 

With high quality and affordable products comparable to more luxurious brands, it’s no wonder MISSHA has been reputable through the years. 

Their products range from make-up, skin care, to body and hair care.

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is one of the brand’s hottest cosmetic products to date. Over 30 million of these creams have been sold worldwide! 


M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The M Perfect Cover BB Cream well deserves our perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating. 

The best thing about this BB cream is that it’s multi-functional. It works as a skin care product with protective and moisturizing benefits. 

It also takes the place of foundation, a cosmetic make-up. Also, it saves you a lot of time and money.

Who wouldn’t want some peace in the morning knowing you don’t have to dedicate too much time applying many products? Or even end up rushing off to work, right? 

They’ve also got five shades for you to choose from so I’m sure you can mix and match some to perfectly fit your shade. 

Key Benefits

Skin Protection

The Perfect Cover BB cream is GREAT at coverage. 

But one of the main reasons why it was created is actually to protect your face from harmful elements. 

That way, you won’t have much acne or dark spots to disguise in the end.

Free Radicals

Free radicals from the atmosphere can stick to skin and cause breakouts. These usually come in the form of dust and pollutants. 

This BB cream was formulated to shield the skin from these undesirable elements, and to better repair skin damage.

UV Rays

The better BB creams contain at least SPF 30. But the Perfect Cover BB cream is ahead of the rest, giving us SPF 42!

Popular Korean BB creams are naturally manufactured with added sunscreen. 

This is one of the qualities they want to emphasize so to give extra value to the product. 

Being overly exposed to the sun and its UV rays can increase the rate of aging and skin sagging. 

The worst that could happen is being vulnerable to the life-threatening skin cancer! That’s why it is extremely important to wear sunscreen daily.

Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkling

The M Perfect Cover BB cream contains anti-aging ingredients designed for both the young and old. 

  • This was especially formulated for early prevention of signs of aging for the younger ones.
  • And for the older ones, this is to slow down the effects of the aging process.

You should look for the following when you’re on the hunt for a good anti-aging BB cream:  Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe, peptides, hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and retinol. 

In general, antioxidants (such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C), have shown to protect skin from aging.

All of these active vitamins and other wonderful ingredients aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

They also keep your skin healthy and plumped up! Who wouldn’t want to look forever young and vibrant? 


Keeping your face squeaky clean is one of the most satisfying skin care steps in your regimen. 

The downside is skin often loses a few important ingredients during the cleansing process. Moisture is mainly lost, which results in increased sebum production. This imbalance would then lead to some really bad breakouts.

Cleansing should be paired with moisture replenishment. BB creams are able to achieve this because of its hydrating properties.

You’ll want to look for ingredients such as ceramides, snail mucin, and hyaluronic acid. They work best at providing and maintaining moisture. 

With this, you are sure to have brighter and healthier looking complexions!

Skin Calming and Healing

The M Perfect Cover BB cream contains rosemary leaf extract and chamomile flower extract to aid in skin calming and healing. 

Induced with nourishing botanical essences, emollient plant oils, and nutrient rich marine extracts, your skin is effectively replenished with the best of nutrients. 

These fragrant herbal botanicals help control redness on skin, giving you a rather calm and balanced complexion.

Skin Coverage

This BB cream proudly boasts flawless coverage abilities. 

It can effectively conceal imperfections, balance skin tone, and visibly smooth complexion for a youthfully perfected look.

The Perfect Cover BB Cream is best for those who want to disguise blemishes, acne scars, and dark spots. 

This is your go-to BB cream if you want high-coverage while keeping makeup light. You also get flawless looking skin in just a short amount of time. 

Stop dreaming of brighter looking skin. You can turn that into reality with the M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++! 

Now let’s venture more into the features of this wonderful gem of a BB cream.

Packaging and Contents

We love this BB cream’s packaging! 

Its elegant maroon and gold tube draws attention to every K-beauty enthusiast. It makes the product look luxurious and high end.

A practical design on this BB cream is its pump applicator. It totally adds to the value of the BB cream, making it more hygienic and travel-friendly. 

It also makes it very easy for you to control the amount of product you need.

For this cream, you get a 50ml tube. This way, if you’re still new to the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream, you can test out the waters without the extra buck! Besides, we’re certain you’ll love it anyway!


The Perfect Cover BB cream comes in five shades. They are comparable to the MAC foundation shade references. These are the shades of beige and the skin tones recommended for use:

  • #13 Milky – ivory skin with cool undertones (NW 10)
  • #21 Light – very fair skin with neutral undertones (NC 10)
  • #23 Natural – fair skin with rosy undertones (NC 15)
  • #27 Honey – medium skin with warm undertones (NC 30)
  • #31 Golden – tan skin with neutral undertones (NW 40)


The M Perfect Cover BB Cream has a lot of skin care ingredients in it. 

Key ingredients include: Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, and Ceramide 3, as well as a ton of botanical extracts that have moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing properties.

Perfect Cover seems to make lines look less apparent, and we give it high marks because it doesn’t settle into lines or emphasize dryness, flakiness, or uneven texture.

Another candidate for wrinkle-fighting in its formula is Adenosine. It stimulates collagen and elastin production.

You’ll also see Arbutin quite high on the ingredient list. Arbutin is a natural form of Hydroquinone, which can, in fact, have melanin-inhibiting properties.

This BB cream is SPF 42 because of the active ingredients octinoxate, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide protects the skin from mild irritations and abrasions. You’ll notice a great level of sun protection from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays with this one.

It also contains beeswax that heals and softens the skin. It provides this BB cream with bacteria-fighting properties we all love.


Texture and Finish

This BB Cream has a creamy texture that blends well into the skin, and gives a glowing, semi-matte finish. 

It’s not greasy looking at all so you’ll be looking fresh in no time!

It gives an even and natural-looking coverage, accompanied by the soothing and moisturizing feeling of a day cream. 

Unlike a foundation, this does not promote flakiness nor melt even under hot weather. This is the best Korean BB cream for your summer escapades!

Lasting Power

As mentioned, your skin is bound to stay fresh, dewy, and even-toned for hours even without setting powder or spray. 

Overall, your makeup should last you about 6 hours without needing minor touch-ups.

You’ll also find your skin feeling moisturized the entire time without the annoying greasy feeling. 

But if you have naturally oily skin, you might still need some oil blotting paper from time to time.


Pump out about a pea-sized amount of product on your finger. 

Apply it gently in the direction of your skin’s texture. A little can get you plenty of coverage already. 

It is enough to even out your skin tone, and make your skin appear brighter and smoother throughout the day.

You may also opt to use a brush or a sponge when choosing how to apply your BB cream.

But based on our experience, we still prefer applying cream with our fingers. It maximizes the product and prevents it from caking.

User Reviews

User Reviews

All in all, the M Perfect Cover BB Cream has definitely lived up to its claims. 

We’ve managed to round up reviews all over the internet and found out over 80% would definitely repurchase the product. 

In fact, most users have remained loyal to the M Perfect Cover for years!


Doesn’t Cause Breakouts

A major worry when using new cosmetics is the risk of possible breakouts. 

Good thing the Perfect Cover BB cream is formulated with the best quality ingredients to prevent this from happening. 

This user shared her experience on how efficient this multi-functional BB cream is. We bet it made her life much easier!

“I love this for the skin conditioning properties with no breakouts. I need no other makeup with this.”

Smooths and Calms the Skin

We’ve found users who build up the Perfect Cover BB cream with other cosmetic and skin care products. 

It’s good to know they blend quite well and do a perfect job at reducing fine lines and protecting your skin from sun damage.

“This smooths pores and looks beautiful. I have also noticed, with only a few uses, that the broken capillaries on my cheeks have been greatly reduced. Not needing additional sunscreen is a major plus.”

Great, Buildable Coverage

Users also love the coverage of this BB cream. It can cover blemishes and flaws so well that many think it’s already as good as liquid foundation.

“Not sure why Missha marketed this as a BB Cream because it’s like wearing foundation. With that said, it evens out your skin, blurs out imperfections, and has a lovely fragrance.”


Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

The Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream is perfect for those with oily and acne-prone skin. 

It blends nicely into the skin and can leave the face with a matte finish. 

If you love Korean beauty products but are not the best fan of a dewy finish, here is the solution.

The cream Holika Holika provides decent coverage, but if you’re looking for more, we won’t stop you. 

It’s fine to layer on, but some have found putting on more than two layers results to a cakey finish. So be careful.


  • Affordable
  • Contains mint water that effectively hydrates skin
  • Hyaluronic acid provides high water moisture benefits
  • Best for oily skin
  • Blends into the skin well
  • Has a cooling water gel effect


  • Low SPF
  • Can cause caking if multiple layers are added
  • Light coverage
  • Can leave patches on the skin after application

Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25

MISSHA is well known for high quality skin care and cosmetic products indeed. 

This BB Cream however, has a lower SPF compared to the M Perfect Cover BB cream.

It’s only at SPF 25. You might feel it has lighter weight coverage as compared to the Perfect Coverage. 

Even so, many users love this cream because it can effectively cover up pores without making it evident you actually have makeup on.

Just like its other MISSHA contender, it also comes with a practical pumping mechanism, best for those always on the go!

It contains a lot of plant-based ingredients. Note worthy is Ginkgo biloba. It aids in anti-aging and anti-wrinkling. 

As a result, you’ll have younger and natural looking skin all day! Packed with antioxidants and active vitamins, this BB cream will also strengthen skin health and prevent skin irritations.


  • Best on sensitive skin
  • Contains 50 plant-based ingredients
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Gives glowing effect
  • Lasts long 


  • Only SPF 25
  • Has added fragrance
  • Melts off in hot temperatures  

Mizon BB Cream Snail Repair Blemish Balm

This Mizon BB cream provides medium coverage on skin. It is buildable, but don’t get too excited. It can also easily make skin look flaky.

This BB cream has a faint citrus smell that might remind you of flowers and herbs. It has a lot of flower extracts in its formulation.

Other than that, it also has adenosine and snail mucin, great for its healing benefits. 

It is packed with hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins that reinforce the skin barrier.

 Snail mucin is also composed mostly of water which makes this cream very suitable for dry skin types.

A plus on this BB cream is its contents of papaya extract for its whitening benefits. 

In fact, it can even remove tan with its abundance of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. 

If this feature is something you would consider, the MIZON snail repair  is a good steal!


  • Affordable
  • Contains snail extract that help repair and protect skin
  • Prevents breakouts
  • Anti-aging properties


  • Heavy formula
  • Possible skin tone mismatch (only has 1 shade)
  • Strong scent 

Conclusion - Should I Buy the Missha BB Cream?


You can definitely achieve that flawless and glowing look just like your favourite Korean celebrities with the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++!

We highly recommend this BB Cream for its affordability given all the high quality ingredients it possesses, and its many benefits you can enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a great BB cream to add or to upgrade on your makeup routine, go get your hands on the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream! 

It has by far, worked many wonders for us. Maybe it can work wonders for you too!


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