August 4, 2021

Chatty GRWM: How to Deal with Haters/Toxic People

Hey hey hey, ladies (and gents!) we’re back with a GRWM!

Oh boy, it’s been a while!

Today we’ll focus on glamin’ up while I give my two cents on how to deal with ballbusters.

I got nothing but love, and I thank everything that has allowed me to see life in all shades of beautiful.


Those of you who needs an eye-opener – well you may literally want to get an inspired “sight”.

I’ve found amazing contact lenses and ever since coming across them, I’m a fan!

Do you know that Avaira Vitality contact lenses doesn’t just help you see better – it also combats astigmatism!


Who says beauty and healing are two different concepts?

I’ve honestly been “seeing” a whole lot of change around me lately and I think it’s because I’m given an opportunity to have a fresher perspective.

Yes, you cannot change the things beyond your control (like people’s bad opinion of you). But you can definitely change how you react to them.


So focus all your energy in things that matters – like loving yourself more and becoming the best version of you. Right?

7 Responses

  1. What you are just preaching about in this video is kind of what I actually learning and responding into lately:dealing with ‘toxic’ people. There are just so many nega people that surrounds us everyday in the real world or virtually (online).Through time I’ve realized my time would be on waste if I’d take all of their perception of who I am.Usually, unhappy persons see the bad or what they could name the other person. And,they usually do it to uplift their image,harsh it may seem, but that’s true about unhappy ungrateful persons. So here now, gradually, I’ve learned to make the most of my time seeing the best of the happenings, making the most of my time and unfriending and unfollowing ‘those’. Coz really our time so precious and let’s spend it making a happy positive life. Thank you for sharing again on a very relevant topic nowadays.Keep inspiring.😘

  2. I have the same eye problem, I cannot use contact lenses because of my astigmatism. And I really really want to wear them and not my glasses all the time. Please help me, how can I purchase that brand? Is it available here in the Philippines? Thank you!

    PS. I always watched your vlog and the other vlogger besties.. You guys are so worth the watch always. Keep it up 👍😊

  3. The art of not giving the f*ck! Honestly I can’t deny that I will just easily ignore those bashers or haters especially some of them are your “friends” or relatives. I’m just so much thankful that my parents and my partner is so supportive and love me of what I am and what I have.

  4. You dont need to pay any attention to those people hating. Hating is just something human beings do. Its contageous, and those kind of people are just not worth being talked about or mentioned. By the way you mentioned middle age people, it could be any age. I have experienced it in different ages of my life. Just wanted to point that out. You just made those haters happy by mentioning them. They are just jealous.

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