October 6, 2021

How To Get Long Healthy Lashes

My eyelash journey started way back in college. Like most Asians, I had straight, short eyelashes with almost no volume!

Before the eyelash extensions trend, there was this thing called “eyelash weave” where they put on three fake lashes on top of one real one. It literally felt like there was a broom on top of my eyelashes. But of course – I had to try it. (I was a beauty vlogger in the making! Lol)

For the most part, it was comfortable. Except when I had to commute! It was so thick that whenever I rode a tricycle (which I often did back when I was still in college), it would flutter – like fanning yourself on a hot summer day, except it was all happening on your eyes! When I did my JEEP program for school and had to work at a grocery store as a clerk- the baggers would call me “Ms. Pilik Mata” because they were just such scene stealers! They probably look over 50% of my face lol.

I remember being so conscious and insecure about my bald eyes. Imagine having a full eyelash weave for and then suddenly not having lashes at all! I started scouring the web for ways to remedy my problem. I was determined. After years of research, trial and error – here are my SURE FIRE ways to keep your lashes longer and healthier than ever!

Trust me, eyelash serums work wonders!

I haven’t tried all the eyelash serums in the world but I’ve tried some of them, and they’ve all worked. So give it a shot! If you treat the hair in your head, don’t forget the hair on your eyes as well! Remember: apply your choice of serum religiously onto your eyelashes every night, give it time. Yes, you really have to use it consistently to see real effects.

Curling your eyelashes is a technique that you have to master.

I have a special technique when it comes to curling my lashes. I swear – it works so well! You have to curl it as close to the root as you can, and angle the eyelash curler 45 degrees from your eye to achieve that MEGA CURL effect. The slowly pull it out and curl it halfway, and then 1/4th of the way from the tip. If you like, I can do a video to show you. Yes? Comment down below if you’d like that!

If that technique still doesn’t hold the curls, go for an eyelash primer!

I swear by this product called PMEL Eyelash Primer because it really helps in keeping my curls together – even after the next day! I usually layer it under regular mascara.

Choose the perfect formula for your eyelashes.

I know, it seems a little too tedious to be so particular with mascara formulas but for us Asians, we have to choose a specific mascara formula that’s not too heavy or not too wet.

If you want to invest in some good mascara, check these products below:


1. L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara |  2. Fairydrops Mascara | 3. Pmel Mascara


Benefit They’re Real Mascara


Dior show mascara

(*All links are directed to Amazon Affiliate)

What is your eyelash care routine? What are your favorite products? Let me know in the comment section!

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  1. I had the same problem w/ my lashes too, Kryz (maybe it’s also because of me being an asian lol), but I agree sa lashes serums ’cause it really works. Buti nga nag work sa ‘kin yung affordable ones. Btw, I love the Lash Paradise. Yan ginagamit ko ngayon e 🙂

  2. Yees pleaase! I’d love to learn your make up technique of curling lashes (this calls foooor another make-up vlog, hehehe). Also, ate kryz naka-try na ba kag gamit og castor oil for your lashes?

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