March 25, 2020

I cut my hair in Singapore!


Hello again, Singapore – Jack and I are back!

It didn’t start well with the airport pick up situation, but all the weariness was replaced by comfort as we’ve enjoyed an amazing welcome, thanks to Trixie Khong, one of my dear friends, and also the owner of By Invite Only.

We’re also here to support the launch of my forever favorite – Potato Corner.

Other than the work itinerary, I decided to get my haircut done. I’ve really been excited to see how you guys would react to this new look, and I’m happy that I’m receiving a lot of love.

Trying something new – regardless if it’s the hair, fashion item, or even just a simple routine, enables us to discover new sides of ourselves. I believe that getting a renewed energy from this experience is a really good form of motivation that helps us be the best versions of ourselves.

What new thing or experience have you tried this year? Let me know in the comments!


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