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May 30, 2022

I lost my mucus plug! Grocery run for the hospital with scottie

We are in the early stages of labor people!!!

If you lose your mucus plug, it could mean labor is hours, days or weeks away so we won’t know quite yet what to expect until I see my doctor. But it’s a sign that things are progressing! If you don’t know what a mucus plug is- it’s the mucus like substance that blocks your cervix from the outside world and the bacteria that could get in and harm baby. I’m not gonna show you what it looks like because I want to spare your eyes (lol) but if you are curious, you can go ahead and google it. Be forewarned, it’s not for the faint of heart haha.

My doctor told me to get a PCR test so that just in case baby comes anytime soon, the hospital will admit me. Hubs and I took one at 6AM the very next day before he went to work. We are both sooo excited to meet baby # 2!!!

We also did a lot of last-minute errands for the hospital and for Scott’s birthday celebration. I know there’s a chance I might not be there, so I am making sure things are prepped before we get our hands full. I’m lucky Scott loves running errands with me! He took over my cart at the grocery store and also took over my shopping list! lol

Enjoy everyone!

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