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October 15, 2023

Kicked Sevi Out, Room Sharing the kids, Grounding Myself

We’ve got this #Skyfam! Things are looking up. And even if they’re not- let’s believe that they are and slowly they will be. It’s all about mindset and I know we’ve got this. I’m taking more time to be “one with my space” and really showing love to myself and my house. Grounding really helped me. I know taking things slow will be hard, but I’m trying my best and hopefully we get a better flow.

Because there was no wednesday vlog last week, I decided to do a week in my life instead. This vlog is filled with so many things that happened! We had a mooncake festival dice game where we won the 1st and 2nd prize. I never win anything so that was pretty fun! I’m so grateful that my family loves doing small traditions like these for the kids to look forward to. Life can get so practical and routine that these small family celebrations really help.

I also decided to room share the kids- finally! It took me a while to decide to do this because I didn’t want to disrupt Sevi’s healthy sleep health but the results surprised me. The boys adjusted so well and are both so happy with the change. I am happy too because that means I can finally get my office back! It’s been such a productive week back in my own space!

Hope this video brings you guys peace today too!


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