May 13, 2020

Life while waiting for our baby

Another day another vlog! Happy Sunday everyone! How are we all doing? 🙂

In comparison to my older vlogs, I’ve been spending most of my time slowing down and getting as much rest as I can before skybaby comes. I used to wake up at around 7 am everyday, but now I prefer sleeping in and waking up a bit later (around 9 am). It’s probably partly because it’s getting harder and harder for me to fall asleep at night. Any extra rest is rest I’m willing to take! Pregnancy has really made me slow down my pace, huh? I’m not complaining though! As long as our baby is healthy and safe, I’m fine with shifting gears.

Today’s vlog is a longer one, I know! These days, talking to all of you and just saying things out loud seem to calm me down and cheer me up. I also enjoy making food now, especially taking my time preparing breakfast for myself or cooking lunch for both Slater & I- simple joys!

Also, I know I’ve been talking about it a lot in my recent videos, but I have this newly discovered love for my SWIMMING POOL! Living in a glass house in this Cebu heat is causing me to sweat and overheat all the time- so I’ve included a short pool session into my daily routine to just cool myself and relax. really love how I feel weightless when I swim and it’s a great way to work on my Kegel exercises too!

What have you guys been doing lately?

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