11 years ago

Limited Edition: Kryz Uy for SUELAS!

I finally got a pair of the embellished flats I designed for SUELAS!

I made a double strapped, two-toned, sequined Mary Jane, that you can wear in 2 different ways. (Thats a lot of two’s!)

You can opt to wear it like this:

or cross out the straps and wear it like this:

I’m super loving the feeling of comfort on my soles! Wearing heels every single day isn’t exactly a walk in the clouds. The thing I love most about Suelas flats is that they’re uber comfortable. I actually feel like I’m stepping on pillows!

Super duper looooove my new flats! Thanks Jackie and Kaye! They turned out so nice and classy- chanel like, even! What do you guys think???

Supplies are limited, so order your own pair now!



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  1. LOOOOOVE this, Kryz! Amazing design, I love how chic this looks, I’ll definitely look into getting myself a pair 😉

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