March 25, 2020

Little Mermaid

Hello from the fine city of Singapore! I’m here today to cover a momentous music festival for all of you, but as some of you guys might already have heard- the 1 World Music Festival has been unfortunately cancelled! I AM AS SHOCKED AS YOU ARE! Imagine finding out by last minute browsing on their website while I was packing for my trip!!! #crazy #ICantBelieveIt. A few clicks on Yahoo News later, and the news was rock solid! I emailed my contact from Retfar Entertainment (the Australian group organizing the whole event) to confirm the news, but there was no answer. My friends in Singapore who have already signed to sponsor the event started messaging me and asking if I knew what was going on. Apparently, the whole event just suddenly stopped due to “unforseen circumstances” and no one knows why. No one can contact anyone from their team anymore. Whatever the reason for this whole catastrophe is, I really hope it clears up soon and with due reasoning! A lot of us have already spent and planned for this weekend, and to have it cancelled just 2 days before the event is nothing short of a nightmare! On the bright side, all my bags are packed if there’s one thing I’m happy about- it’s having more time to scour the city!

WAGW top and skirt, Zero UV sunnies (similar here), Lannel Boutique clutch, Juicy Couture watch (c/o Meridian Timepieces), Charles and Keith heelsΒ 

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  1. Hey! Nice to hear that you’re in Singapore. It has been raining the past week, so lucky you! It’s sunny out today. πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll have an enjoyable time here. Heard from local news sources since a few days ago that the festival is cancelled. Kinda surprising though.

  2. Sayang naman. This is the first time I hear a last minute cancellation like this. To think na international event pa. You’re outfit doesn’t look like disappointed. Looking at the positive side. Hope you have the same outfit vibe there in Singapore Hehe πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Ate Kryz! You’re so beautiful. Wow sa fashion palang #1! Haha πŸ™‚
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  4. Oh I love this, I’ve been into coordinated looks lately. Bummer about the festival though, I’m from SG and it was pretty shocking, just cancelled like that with no reason. And so many people were already planning for it, like Topshop already recruited volunteers for it and bloggers like you already prepared to fly here…its so sad!

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