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March 25, 2020

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

I started the day with a shoot at the beautiful Nakameguro river in Tokyo and met up with my friends for lunch after that. There are so many amazing places to see in the city, but we chose to spend the day exploring the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya just because it’s such a beautiful place to go for a walk. I love walking outdoors and sight seeing- but with the heat and humidity situation in the Philippines, it’s impossible for me to enjoy it. Walking leisurely is such a luxury for me. No phones, no laptops, no deadlines or rushing to see certain sights. Just taking it all in, appreciating nature- what we have and what we don’t have, and being grateful for this crazy beautiful life. <3



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  1. Wow, nice photos! Seems like you had the place all to yourself, very rare occurence. So lucky! I was just there earlier I had to fight for my space for a photo!

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