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October 27, 2022

Mom and Dad in Paris!, Eiffel Tower Picnic, first trip together in so long!

Bonjour from the city of love!

When Kerastase Philippines approached me to attend their Global Event in Paris, my response was an automatic BIEN SUR! Paris holds such a special place in my heart since I studied here for a few months when I was 18. Back then, I was a sheltered little girl thrown into a big city with no idea how to survive on her own. I made so many new experiences- good and bad. This city taught me so much- to believe in myself, to rely on myself and dare to dream. To be flying here again with a brand I love (and the man I love hihi) was just a match made in heaven.

Kerastase had a global event where they flew in entrepreneurs, artists and influencers from all over the world, and I was lucky enough to be representing the Philippines. We got to listen to Emily Ratajowski and Esther Acebo’s inspring talks about women empowerment and I was nodding the whole time. Super #relate! We got to visit the Centre Pompidou museum, which they closed down just for us (omg right). I always passed by this building coming home from school before, and I’ve always wanted to dine at the exclusive George V. To be there now as a special guest truly felt like I’ve come full circle. Kerastase also prepared a salon day for me, where I got to try a full pamper hair care session at a Parisian Salon. What an experience! I would never splurge on a pamper day in Paris for myself, so I’m definitely thankful I got to try it. My hair felt so smooth, silky and light. Tres magnifique!!! The event was definitely a celebration, not just for the brand, but for me as well. I truly felt reconnected to myself again.

This is the first time Slater and I went on a long haul trip in sooo long! Since I got pregnant, my life has revolved around my kids. It feels so surreal to be doing this like these and going back to the life I once knew. I cant wait to show you everything we did in Paris. Hope you guys enjoy this video and stay tuned for the next one. Thank you so much Kerastase for the experience!

One Response

  1. Hi Ms Kryz,

    I really admire you and the whole skyfam. Your relationship with your husband and your kids is one of a kind.
    I’ve been a fan since forever.
    I like how you dress and everything else. I keep on watching your videos. And the recent vlog that I love is your trip in Paris, especially your OOTD.
    Now , as I moved to a different place, I struggle to find pieces that is comfortable and dili dagko /bulky tan -awon (im petite as well hehe) lisod mangita ug unsa ang nice kay murag gipas-an nako ang mga coats haha)

    Hopefully, you will make a video of your OOTD with brands especially kadtong imong OOTD sa Paris (the coats,boots i sooooo love it , pls kanang affordable pieces, for the hampas lupa like me hehe) some brands na mention pero we would love to know more hehe.

    Please, please , please make a video of OOTD especially what to wear sa cold places, and include the brands as well… Para we have an idea, and dili masayang ang among gi buy na coats and pag abot sa place dli diay siya appropriate sa weather.

    Unta, mabasa ni nimo pls.

    Godbless you and your family more.

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