2 years ago

Mom VS. Dad: Who Knows Kryz Better?

We know you want to know more about Kryz, so we asked the two most important persons in her life!

Kryz did not know this happened!

Yup, this is her team doing things behind her back 😂

As part of her #AnOdeToMe series, we invited Kryz’ parents for an afternoon chat to know more about our lovely bride-to-be!

Who knows her better? Is it Mommy Irene or Daddy Johnny? Let’s check out how far they can go to spill us some tea. *insert evil laugh*

P.S. We love you Kryzzzie!
P.P.S. We love our job, thank you! 😂

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  1. 4 kids daw gusto ni mommy Irene. 😀 hihi yass to little kryzzzie and slater <3, ur mom and dad are so cool 🙂

  2. How is it possible that you guys living in Philippines and speaking english (including your parents)? Is english your official language?

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