March 25, 2020

Raw, Unfiltered Morning Routine & Working for Slater

Good morning! Greetings straight from your #Skyfam at the #Skypod!

I know how much you guys love vlogs (yaaay!) so here’s another one, specially made for those who have been DM-ing me about my morning with the hubs and my routine for the day.

This is decidedly raw and unfiltered ’cause you know I keep it real guys – so expect another Slater-being-a-bully moment. (lol)

Since we’ve had a long night, I had our breakfast prepped with the help of our helper. But, for the rest of the day I’m on kitchen duties! I want to say that I’m getting better with my kitchen skills (proud kitchen newbie!) and I’m happy that the hubs is giving me good reviews (thanks hubsss!).

I have a few tips and thoughts along the way. I hope you guys can pick some good stuff out of our usual daily routine.

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  1. oh Kryz, put a teaspoon into the lemon to squize it out and you can take all the pulp with a teaspon and rub it through the strainer and so you get your juice! 🙂 :*
    Ohh you look so clumsy in the kitchen 😛

  2. this food is artificial? I eat the food when it is still warm. This eggs are ice cold arleady! And to the trashcans… oh you should hide it. Trashcan is no only trash, there are bacterias on it and in it. You should hide it. It’s something dirty that shouldn’t be presented on the top space in the home. It’s the same way with the toilet. It’s just like you would like to put the toilet in the center of some space to not forget about it and to have it always close at hand.. I think it’s mistake making by the person who has his first home and doesn’t really and already know, how it should be, what is very needed at the moment and what isn’t. But you will see with the time it will come to you, all the wisdom of housewifes 😉

    1. Food is not artificial, nothing is on my channel 🙂
      Eggs were not ice cold, can you feel it through the screen? Haha
      It’s more hygienic to store the trash outside so there is no accumulation of dirt under the cabinets. It’s also more practical and I don’t think it’s anything comparable to toilets.

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