3 years ago

Mr. or Mrs. Q&A


It’s our 2nd month as a married couple – wuhooo!

And as a treat, I got Slater to guest on my channel again! This time we are doing a Newly Married Couple Quiz featuring, tsinelas – because “slippers” is life according to punny guy Slater.

This by far is the funniest quiz we’ve ever made and I hope you guys can laugh along as you discover who-does-what in our little love nest.

Also… Slater is still the bully. 😜


4 Responses

  1. Hi kryz, its snoogies bday on april 25. but will have an advance celebration on the monday 22. Can we request a video greetings from you and slater? will show this as a surprise AVP. hehehe.. Thank you Kryz!. Jason

  2. Make a reaction vlog then watch show appearance of Slater. Hahahahaha! Lingaw kay ni, Hahaha just pass by your billboard sa Gorordo 😀

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