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July 22, 2022

My baby needs surgery :(

My worst fear has realized. 😞 

We have to go back to the hospital because Sevi boo needs surgery. He has inguinal hernia, that requires closure as soon as possible. It’s not a super rare operation (Thank God), but because he is just 7 weeks old, I can’t bear putting him under this much physical and emotional stress. And shempre as a mom, you can imagine how wrecked I feel. I’ve been researching about Inguinal Hernias all week, and I even watched some actual operation footage which probably wasn’t the best idea. I’m more freaked out than ever 😭 

Scottie boo is also recovering from a flu. He had a fever of 38 and was experiencing cough and colds. Thank God it isn’t Covid. ( He is currently recovering well. )Β 

Oh the woes of being a mom. It’s definitely the most painful feeling to see your kids unwell. Praying with all my heart and soul that both kids are able to overcome this and recover well. πŸ™πŸΌ

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