2 years ago

My Bridal Shower

Had my first ever bridal shower with Denovo Diamonds and all my Manila based friends at the Manila Penn! It was so nice seeing everyone get dressed up to spend an afternoon with me! #KryzzzieInLove indeed!

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  1. Done watching this vlog in this early morning , while i’m traveling back to Davao for work. And this made my morning be more motivated and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this journey to us and letting us ur followers/readers to give out the best version of ourselves. Love u ❤.

  2. Hello Kryz.. I don’t know why I’m half happy and haft sad for this vlog. Happy to see you very inlove, however, I am also sad maybe because I’m expecting you’ll be more busy after the wedding and vlogging will be seldom. I am you’re fan since 2010, almost everyday I check your site/channel and it inspires me.. I hope you can still find time to inspire us even you’re now facing a new chapter. God bless and Best Wishes. We love you.

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