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February 27, 2023

My vlog is gone :( Interviewing Slater, Coming Home to the Kids

What is the worst thing that could happen to a content creator who is creating content? Losing her files! My SD card got corrupted and it was such a nightmare. Hubs and I stayed up til about 2AM on the night of our anniversary trying to recover the files with all the different paid software, but to no avail. Unfortunately, they are all gone. 🙁 So for this vlog, allow me to do a storytime segment for you all so you can sort of see what we did to celebrate. Thank God for our pottery teacher who airdropped some files over!

We start this vlog with a little Q&A with hubs about 4 years of being together. I love how easy it is to talk to him about anything. We took a trip down memory lane to see what we did on this very day in 2019 and it was so fun looking back.

Finally, I flew back to Cebu after what felt like ages away from them. Seeing the kids really reenergized me and I just wanted to stay in their arms all night. Scott decided he wanted to do a sleepover again and I decided to vlog it just for kicks. You guys will see how long it takes him to fall asleep and how much energy my little ball of sunshine has. I missed them so much. Enjoy everyone!

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