March 25, 2020

My Walk-in Closet Tour #Skypod

Welcome to my world… inside #Skypod!

For this second episode of the Skypod tour, I will walk you through my own slice of heaven on earth, my walk-in closet!

If I’m not in the kitchen, this is the place in the house where you can find me the most.

It took me 10 years to curate the pieces that I’ve got to complete my closet. I can’t help but smile every time I look at all of it. I feel a great kind of warmth and comfort as I sit and admire the things I’ve put together after years of hard work. I mean, yeah it’s not exclusively designer things, but each and every piece here holds a special memory and is dear to me. More importantly, it shows ME – they reflect my style, my personality, my taste, and my quirkiness.

Lights, camera… and my makeup collection! Don’t be surprised if you’ll be seeing a lot of my walk-in since most of my makeup tutorials and GRWM might be filmed in here. I just feel more creative and inspired inside my baby fashion cradle.



I arrange my clothes depending on the sleeve length. This rack closest to my vanity houses my robes, gowns and long dresses.

Hmmm.. just a little hiccup – I forgot to consider the length of my skirts when I asked to build the rack! I should’ve gone with an adjustable one, but hey, I still love it anyway!

A pro tip: Arranging your clothes in this way if you put them in a dresser. You’ll see your clothes easily without the hassle of pulling and tugging.

My spirit animal emblem adding more of a “me” accent in the room. Isn’t it cute? <3

I love how statement earrings complete your OOTDs and really show individuality.  I got these adorable set from!

10 years worth of curating these babies. All of these carried me to all my exciting adventures. Cheers to exploring more!

I’ve got so much more to show! Join me in this vlog as I give you a tour around!

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  1. Wowwww! I love the shoe part😍😍 the time when you open the cabinet and the lights will turn on 😍 grabe ka goals 💕 you deserve all of this kryz 💕

  2. Such an inspiration Kryzzzziee! 💕 Now I’m dreaming to have my own collection. I just love every single thing on your walk-in closet 😍 Thank you for sharing 😘

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