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October 11, 2022

Night’s out, street food mukbang, meanwhile back home

Anneyonghasaeyo, Seoul!


We start our beautiful journey with a whole lot of work. Seoul Beauty Week had me discovering so many new brands and products that I can’t wait to try! Though apologies, I couldn’t film most of it because like the good student that I am, I was busy paying attention. lol

What you will see in today’s vlog though is most of our nights out. Looking for restos and bars became a highlight of our trip as we found so many good ones that mostly locals frequent. I got to have a ‘mama’s night out’ with some of the other girls from the Philippines like Nicole, Faith, Rei, Raiza, Ry, and Hazel- who are some of the loveliest girls I’ve met! Shai and I also tasted local street food and did a mini mukbang for you all.

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