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How Slater has Changed My Life

Few more days til hubs and I turn 6-months being married!!! 😱 How crazy fast is life?

In the past six months, we’ve managed to achieve quite a feat – finishing the #Skypod (our little home, to those who are new), learning how to manage our expenses, me- learning to cook and do the laundry, Slater- learning basic plumbing and fixing up small things around the house, working together (i help a little teeny bit with Liteblock now), learning family dynamics – all of this on top of juggling each of our full-time separate work lives.

I won’t lie- it took a lot of adjusting. Both of us are sooo similar in a lot of things, but living together as husband and wife has made me see so much of our differences too. From the smallest things- like how often we use our towels or what we like to buy in the grocery to how we like to spend our down time- we aren’t always 100% in sync.  It’s not wrong to be different or to have differences, but when you live with someone, it takes a little getting used to. AND- that’s not exactly a bad thing. Change is scary and we tend to think our way is always the right way, but when you look at it from a different perspective, change is also fun. I like it that I’m learning more about Slater every single day. I like it that we both don’t know what we’re doing when we shop from groceries, and that we both make mistakes and grow from them. I like it that we can laugh at each other’s mishaps instead of getting angry. I like it that we are discovering life together and what it means to be one. It’s the journey, not the destination.

Slater and I are sooo blessed (and not in the humble brag way) that we haven’t really had any major hiccups. No huge fights, no drama-  just a few undercooked dinners- which was my bad 😛 But hey, I’m still learning.  The universe seems to be so kind to us, and we’re forever grateful. Mostly because both of us are so content with our new life and with each other. What more could we ever ask for?

I know it sounds super annoying that we don’t fight and that we seem to have such picture perfect lives, but we are definitely not perfect. And I think what really helps is the fact that we both know that.

The fact that we allow ourselves to err and be human.

The fact that we enjoy the process of growing together, and learning and adjusting to each other.

The fact that we help each other grow, instead of building resentment for what each of us lacks.

No one is perfect. He’s not perfect, but I’m not either. And that’s okay.

Remember that no couple is ever 100% similar- so don’t expect every relationship to be like ours.

Don’t limit your relationship to become what other people think it should be.


Don’t let other couple’s relationships be the measurement of your relationship’s success.

But do take what you can from my life experience and use it positively to better your own. We are all living in this crazy world together, and we all could use each other for support. If this article can help at least one couple out there- then it’s good enough for me.

With all my heart I can honestly say that I’m so lucky to have found Slater because he really grounds me. He is HONESTLY my other half and I’ve grown so much as an individual because of him. His heart is so genuine, his mind is so beautiful and I can only hope to share some of the life changing values he has brought to our home, in hopes that it can change your lives too.

  1. I used to be so immature when I was in my previous relationships. I’d make mountains out of mole hills or cause fights and drama because I was bored. I couldn’t see that I was doing it back then. Of course it’s always hard to spot your own mistakes. But through a little bit of introspection and letting go of pride, I saw it so clearly. When Slater and I were at our first few months of dating, I remember he’d always just laugh at me when I was being too emotional, or when I worried about something that hadn’t even happened yet. At first, I thought he didn’t care about me but then I realized that his reaction alone made my drama so much lighter. By not riding with it, he made me see that we really cause our own suffering. When we worry about the future, we let go of the present moment. We spend our lives looking towards something that’s not even there. We make the present moment a sad moment, instead of enjoying it for what it really is. Why stress out about something you can’t change? And if you can change- why waste your time stressing out when you can start moving? Most of the time, the drama happens in our heads. If we let go of that, and we appreciate each present moment, then life is so much more meaningful and so much lighter as well.

2. Don’t take life too seriously. We’re all in it for the ride, and we’re all in it together. Might as well make it a fun ride, right?

3. Comparison is the thief of joy. And that one is by Theodore Roosevelt, not Slater lol. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, and that means I don’t have to compare. I don’t need to buy a million things to show other people what I have. I don’t need to put up an image of who I want the world to see me as. I don’t need to be friends with the who’s who in the world. I don’t need to be anyone other than me. I can take off my shoes, let down my hair and just LIVE and enjoy life. Slater and I are so content to live in our tiny little bubble doing our own little thing, and this is the most beautiful gift we have right now.

I know that there’s a lot more to learn, but I want to be the type of person who knows how to find joy in self-discovery, and I hope you guys are too. At the end of the day, what matters are the relationships you’ve built and the people you have in your life. Treasure them, make time for them and grow with them.

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  1. Why Slater is my fave PBB big winner. No sob story,but he won. He showed people kung sino sya and thats it. Im a fan of your story. Continue loving each other till ur old and gray❤

    PS. Salamat sa blog. Nakakamiss eh:)

  2. This is a GOOD READ. It may help not only the married couples but everyone who’s in a relationship. Thank you for giving me “the GYST” and making me realize that it’s ok to flaunt not only my best moments but to embrace also my imperfections.

  3. Totally agree with you, Kryz! The dramas and worries are all in our heads. We should not let these get ahead of us. I’m happy to have learn to always try to see the positive side of things and if some may not turn out that way, I just keep it in my head that He will not give you anything you can’t get through. As you said, we just have to enjoy the ride! Love this piece ❤️

  4. You guys are really meant for each other. Happy early 6th monthsary. Love u both always & can’t wait to see more #lifeatskypod stories 💜

    1. Wow!!! Really inspiring.. missing to read your blog but still I don’t missed to watch your vlog.. happy monthsary to both of you and best wishes.. hope to read more inspiring blog from you I’m learning a lot 🥰

  5. I want to hear this but also feels good to read it as im feeling all these smarty words while im reading this myself.
    💙 Thanks for sharing kryzzzie .

  6. Awwwwww! Very well said ate kryz 😭♥️♥️♥️ Kahit wala pa akng BF/Husband ngayon grabe daghan kog natun-an ani ug na realized ✔️✔️✔️ Beautiful match kaayo mo ni Slater ba. Unta uyyy mkakita sad ko ug sama sa inyong relationship (I know dli man gyud magkapareho but kanang magkasinabot ug maghigugmaay ug tarong lang gyud) Thank you for sharing this ate ☺️♥️ May God bless your relationship always. 🙏

  7. Very good points. Basically the secret to our marriage as well especially #3. 11 years married and we still enjoy every moment of it. Happy 6 months to you and Slater!

  8. I seem to relate (although I’m not yet married LOL)! My boyfriend is a keeper! He also grounds me and help me realize so many things. He’s gentle, kind and sleeps like a log! Indeed, these kinds of people help us find our own individuality and allow us to be ourselves. Thank you, Lord for my Babi and for influencers like you, Kryz who make things a little better yet more interesting. More power!

  9. I miss reading your blog entries. And because you’ve mostly moved to youtube, I was reading the entry with your voice in mind–is that weird?

    I’m happy for you Kryz! 🙂

  10. Wow! Ka dali sa panahon. I have to say though that you guys have influenced me so much in my own relationship. I used to make a big deal out of everything and would not accept a sorry that easily. But since I started following you, I have become a little “chill” – not taking all things seriously, not overthinking, laughing after a “not-heated” argument (lol, don’t know a word to describe it) and taking my life one day at a time. Sure there are days that I will snap especially if I am so so so stressed but that doesn’t happen na as often as before. So thank you so so so much! Continue being a blessing to other people 😘 God bless your marriage 🙂

  11. Match made in Heaven, Indeed. Love it. 🙂
    Happy 6th months of being Mrs.Young. 🙂 I love you Ate Kryzz. :*
    Thank you for this marami akong nalaman at narealize. 🙂
    Hintay hintay lang ako sa The One ko. 🙂

  12. im just 18 with zero love-life but this post inspired me to be more patient with the timing of everything in life because it will definitely be worth it when things aren’t rushed. instead of feeling the need to look for someone and grow with someone asap, your shared learnings made me want to just live with what i have now and enjoy my self-growth. <3 (future hubby plz be worth it!! lol chz)

  13. This is the best thing I’ve read today ❤️ I have learned so much from this post. It’s so cute to imagine myself being married to someone and living comfortable together like this, enjoying at the same time learning from each other. This is the reason why your my favorite couple, you’re both true and kind to each other. Wishing you all the best in your fascinating journey together as a married couple ❤️

  14. You both make SIMPLE life beautiful in all its sense. I’m so happy how you both grow as a couple together 💖 #teamslyzzzie

  15. What if you’re with the love of your life, who doesn’t have any inclinations to look at the future with you? Let’s say he says something general like, “I can see a future with you” or “you make me happy” but at the same time, isn’t willing (at the moment) to give a certain time line as to when that would happen? Do you just wait?

    1. If its something bothering you then its definitely a conversation to have. At least both of you are aware of where you are in the relationship without any pressure 🙂

  16. Very much inspiring 😍 how I wish I could see you in person when I visit Litecrete Office on my Birthday 🥰☺️ Thank you! You’re always inspiring me. Love you 😍

  17. Happy 6th monthsary to the both of you.Love your relationship and also I love what you said that we find our joy through our own self discovery 🥰🥰🥰

  18. Wow. Very well said Kryz. I’m hoping to find my Slater too. You two makes me believe in love again. Can’t wait for little Kryz and Slater(no pressure pero sana soon. Haha). Labyu both❤️

  19. This was a good read, especially regarding the “comparison”, just to share, its the same with what I’m reading on my bible app, its called “love your life, not theirs”. Contentment is the key for comparison to end.
    I am married but we’re LDR hehe but I’m proud to say that for the past 10 years, i’ve matured 🙂 i was once like you, haha creating dramas.
    Thank you for sharing! God bless you, your relationship & your future family *not super soon*

  20. My OTP since forever! You both are so genuine and humble + maka proud kay bisaya!! Ahhh 💛🥺

    Such a good read! ♥️ Thank you 💯

  21. I just want to thank you for writing this.
    I’m glad that I follow you and the things that you share are blessings for others. In this article, you’ve shown us that in a relationship or marriage there might be differences. But I can see that Slater helps you a lot and you are also willing to change for the better.
    Keep inspiring and be a blessing Kryz.
    Love you.

  22. This kind of write ups and your transparency of who you are (and eventually the wife you become because of Slater) is what I actually like about you. It’s your heart and mind, and the influence you make that somehow inspires me and us all is what I’m hooked up to on following you. Others say, ‘Kryz is just all about fashion, lux and kikay stuffs.. ‘. But you are not. I’ll always say, If you’d only let yourself know how she is. 😉
    I am glad to have found a life influencer that’s worth emulating. I know and I’m excited too to prove it to myself what you’ve proven on your own. And I’m that one who’s enjoying discovering the coming me in me soon. Love yah! And, happy long weekend. ❤️

  23. It’s my first time to read one of your blog post. And this really caught my attention bcs my relationship’s on the rocks lately. It gave clarity to my cloudy thoughts as to who’s at fault and such. It’s (really) a great read and I guess you just earned another reader hehe 💕 You guys are such an inspiration tho, keep sharing your wisdom to other people, Ms Kryz.

  24. Soooo inspiring in sooooo many ways!! My favorite is to know that there’s a lot of things to learn! Happy 6 months, Mr. and Mrs. Young! 💓💓💓

  25. My vote for Slater as the PBB big winner was really worth it! may return of investment pa because he marry my ultimate favorite girl in the internet hehe.. 🙂 just continue to love each other and put our good Lord in the center of your relationship. 🙂 i cant wait to see little kryzzie and little slater running around the skypod. God bless both of you.

  26. My Papa has this wooden paperweight which says “To err is human.” And it helped me to be more gentle on myself. It’s really important to accept our mistakes because it the first thing me must do to improve them. 😊

    I have always been a fan of your relationship Ate Kryz!! Happy anniversary to the two of you! ❤️❤️❤️

  27. I am you—creating unnecessary drama out of boredom or the fear of stability and consistency in a relationship. I used to be worse than I am now, but learning is a process and I think there’s lot of changes in me. It takes time, friends to constantly be there for you, a family that supports you no matter what, and a patient partner who is willing to understand you and accept you. There’s a certain pressure society puts in “long term” relationships, the idea that the couple is perfect and knows what they’re doing in life. But the truth is, even my parents 25 years of marriage has still no idea what they’re doing in life. And I think that’s the beauty of living.

  28. Miss reading your blog but while reading this I imagine hearing your voice in my mind? haha 😂 So agree with your entry. I’m thankful with my partner even though our relationship is not perfect but the patience and trust we have for each other is so strong. He’s more mature when it comes to our relationship so he’s the one who taught me that not everything is like on love stories what we seen on movies.

  29. Your articles are always a GOOD READ and your videos are always definitely worth watching. 💛 I always learn something from your write ups and videos. Love you my favorite couple! 💚 Keep the love burning ❤️

  30. Missed your blogging. Thank you for being n inspiration for 7 yrs. salamat sad na bisaya mong duha kay Slater’s humor is something else gyud! Will be rooting for you always!

    First time nako ni comment dri or anywhere. I’m just so happy I found such a positive person who really changed my perspective in a a lot of things – more pa in life!

    Continue spreading light and love Kryz.
    All the love from kapwa Bisaya gikan Siquijor 💙

  31. I am one of the happiest readers. I am so hapoy with all the words you’ve mentioned. I am getting married and I am a future-worry-er type of woman. I used to be so futuristic. I usually dont enjoy the moment bec of saving alot for the future. But when my #notsoSlateryoung version – fiancé camr back to my life, my perspective has changed and now, we are enjoying the moment. Thanks for inspiration lovers.

  32. The message on this post is just….I’m out of word. It applies to everything not just with relationships. I had to share it with my co-workers, my sisters, my friends and almost everyone I know. I send the link to them and let them ponder on the message because I like people to think this way to ensure that they enjoy life and drop all the drama because I really agree that we create our own sufferings. Haaah Kryz what would I do without you hahaha you are my source of positivity. #10KryzzzieYears #10KryzzzieGiveaways

  33. Love you Kryziiieeee ♥♥♥♥♥ I hope to collab with you soon for my new youtube account, i have few questions to ask with you while doing a vlog po…

    take care you and slater… hope u will have many babies to come… dozens .. hehehe ♥

  34. Aah, i love this piece <3
    currently in 3 years relationship and at times i have to compare our relationship to other couples, like how they can get a cute photo together, buti pa cla ganito, ganyan and so on and so on. in short ang dami kong insecurities idagdag pa ang mga nakikita sa social media. Ugh! but then, reading this. OO nga naman tama, why compare? masaya nman kami in our own little world. Lesson learned: Matutong makuntento sa kung anong meron 🙂

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