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March 25, 2020

Osmena Peak

Trekked to the highest peak of Cebu with Slater just last month and the view was uh-ma-zing! I never saw myself trekking anywhere, anytime soon but seeing photos of this beautiful place just made me put on my rubber shoes and start walking. It took us sooo long to get there (5 hours instead of the usual 2) because I put the wrong address on Waze while we were driving there and it led us to the opposite side of the province! Slater wanted to kill me! (See what happened here) Nevertheless, we had a great time and came home with more than one story to tell. And if you ask me, that makes it totally worth it. Enjoy the photos!

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  1. This place is really amazing and you too look sooooo cute together. More travel diaries from the two of you please?! *insert puppy eyes here* hahaha

  2. **Yay!!** I remembered when we reached the summit last month (sayang wla jud ta ng.abot) I can’t even take descent pictures because I was super scared to fall. hahaha.. plus I’m with my 2 kids pa gyud. Nice shots!

  3. Omg! When see i saw your post on ig my friend and i decided to trek too but then when we went there it was too foggy sayang but will definitely go back. Ahh Slyzzie forevs sml to you two xx

      1. F you Visit Osmena Peak just Txt or Call me 09298743455 i’m a habal habal driver at dalaguete drivers association route osmena peak to kawasan falls my name is ramil belandres

  4. Hi Kryz, what time did you get to OsmeΓ±a Peak. Your photos are great! hoping that we can also get that same lightning as yours.&

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