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June 5, 2023

Our Favorite Airbnb in Cebu, I lost, How we bond as a family

We made it to another beach trip with the Uy family! We really are beach people. Is there anyone here who loves the beach as much as we do? There is just something about the crashing waves or being close to the shore that brings us comfort and happiness. Blue Agave has got to be my favorite Airbnb in town. The flow of the villa, the big open spaces and the wide white sand beach are the best parts. I could totally imagine just packing up and moving here! Would you ever move from city life to the beach? I totally would!

This whole trip was so memorable for me for a number of reasons. Looking back at these clips now makes me so sentimental. I’m so happy to have family as close as this. I’m thankful we can play games together and forget we are adults, even just for a little bit. I hope we can keep doing this until we are old and our kids get embarrassed at how competitive we are. lol

Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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