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January 4, 2023

our first red carpet event, drama at the resort, spoiled by netflix

Netflix flew us out to Phuket in a loooong and painful 12 hour and 3 flight journey from Cebu. The travel was intense, but the trip was so worth it! Slater and I got a bit more one on one time which I absolutely cherish these days, plus we got to meet and bond with some of our friends from all over the world!

When we landed, they immediately had actors dressed as detectives tell us that we were prime suspects to a murder, and we spent an entire day defending ourselves! They placed us in an interrogation room where we had some really funny moments while sharing our alibis and looking for clues.

The red carpet event was also such an experience. Hubs and I were…. overdressed lol. I guess I didn’t get the memo! There were some Hollywood actresses from the show who graced us with their presence and were so cool and chill that they even swam with us in the pool for our happy hour session.

What a great trip! Thanks for the experience, Netflix!

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