4 years ago

Our TingHun


Ahhh I can’t believe it! We are officially CHINESE ENGAGED! Growing up, I never really thought I’d have one of these ceremonies. I didn’t get the point of it, and I thought it was quite frivolous and showy. But now that it’s over, I’ve learned to appreciate the process. The coming together of both families and all these traditions were actually quite special for both Slater and I. We may not completely understand the reason behind each tradition, but I’m glad we did it and I’m so thankful to our parents for setting everything up and allowing us to just show up LOL. We feel the love! Enjoy!

Video: Hyve Creative
Photos: Rock Paper Scissors
Hair and Make Up: Shyra Qyumbi
Decor: Simple Wishes
Dress: Ronald Enrico

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  1. OHhhhMmmGggh! this is my 1st time watching this kind of celebration/tinghun. my heart is so happy. much love for both of u. Wishing u more happiness , and the wedding bell rings so near. 🙂 hihi. Looking forward for upcoming blogs/vlogs for the prep and the actual wedding day . if incase u wanna share it. but we are hoping. hihi 😊😍

  2. This is like a scene from crazy rich asians. lol I can’t believe you’re really very close to your wedding day already. I want to cry not because of sadness but of happiness. 😀

  3. Congratulations to both of you! so beatiful and so good-looking! I have ne question, sorry that I dont’ follow, I just start to visiting your blog more regulary and there was a while when I didn’t so… Is tinghun someting from chinese tradition? you live in Philippines. Are you
    both families from Philippines? And how you met Slater? Sorry for stupid qestions 🙂

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