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March 25, 2020


If you follow me on Instagram, I would have just posted a photo of me in a Powder Blue dress that I wore today claiming how much I am in looove with the color. It seems like the only hue acceptable to dress myself in these days. I don’t know where it’s been hiding all my life and how I only came to discover it recently. Isn’t it so fresh? I love how I always look wind blown and fragrant when I have it on (I know, it’s a weird way to describe clothes, but it’s true!) I’m so obsessed with powder blue and white pairings, but I thought I’d try out something more unexpected, and throw in a pop of yellow just for kicks. This look is so playful yet put together and sophisticated because I didn’t over-accessorize, and I kept my hair in a low messy bun. It may seem small and trivial, but these little details could very easily turn your look up or down. I find that the less accessories I wear, the more sleek and effortless I end up looking. But then again, I’m not really a pile-it-on kinda girl. Plus, even though I’m wearing a very youthful romper, the pointy sling backs instantly updated the look and made it perfectly appropriate for a casual Sunday brunch with friends and family. If you’re from Cebu and dying to find new places to have coffee or dessert in (we have very limited food spots in the city, and for someone who eats out all the time like me, new restaurants are a god send!), check out Lady Jane at One Paseo. I looove their clean marble tables, Bodum glasses, chic cutlery and of course their tasty coffee and Choux! Plus, the Korean owner is so nice, he always sends us complimentary dessert!

Thistle & Co romper, Zara heels, Celine bag, Guess bracelet, Philip Stein watch

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57 Responses

  1. The overall look exudes so much freshness and youthful glow! 🙂 And I really love your lipstick here! May I know what brand it is? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi! Regarding your giveaway to korea thingy, isnt it unfair that the winner won but she didnt even follow the mechanics or guidelines. One of your guideline was tweet a “one liner” tweet why they need to win, in her case she tweeted a photo of her answer which was too long. Part of a challenge in twitter is that you can only tweet up to 140 letters. If your joiners wouldve known, they wouldve tweeted photos with their long answers as well. Just confused hehe.

  3. <3 I adore your total outfit & your entire look! Pastel all over…. lovesssss

    A lil' random, i love your bun too!! Is it possible to do a tutorial on how to do a bun like yours? 🙂

    Would be lovely if you could 😉

    Stay beautiful, Kryz!

  4. It looks very refreshing in the eyes! I love the combination of the gentle hue of powder blue and the twist of yellow. 🙂

  5. This is my favorite look of yours (I actually have a lot of favorites LOL). You look so sophisticated and just so radiant. And your are soooo beautiful on the eighth photo, the one where you’re looking straight at the camera. Gah. I really love your style. You are definitely my style inspiration. Hope to meet you one day. ❤️

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