Prenup Shoot in New Zealand

Prenup BTS and the whole experience right here for you! Who’s excited to see the actual photos?

Slater and I flew to Queenstown specifically to shoot for our Prenup with OneThreeOneFour. They organized everything including the photographer (who was already based in NZ), picking bridal gowns, hair and make up and our itinerary for the shoot. Since Slater and I are up to our neck in things to do, we really appreciated not having to manage this shoot, and not having to fly anyone else in but ourselves. We saved so much time and money by opting to go with OneThreeOneFour! The experience was also top quality, and I do highly recommend them!

Our first location was at Roy’s Peak in Wanaka. We took a long drive to get there, and then rode a heli to get to the top. IT WAS IMMACULATE. We then proceeded to shoot with little lambs and I finally had my very first Alpaca encounter (which to be honest, was probably the highlight of my trip!). We then drove down Skippers Road which is one of the most dangerous roads in the world and had some buwis buhay shots there, before finally capping the day at the Queenstown Gardens.

I initially thought shooting our prenup would be all work and no play, but on the contrary, it was so much fun. We got to see so much of Queenstown apart from the touristy spots and the final photos look absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to show them to you guys! Stay tuned!