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July 17, 2023

Q&A with Scottie, i cant sleep, making immunity juice with the boys

I wasn’t sure I was going to vlog this week, because I’ve been feeling under the weather since I got back from Manila. On top of that, yaya Doreen left for a few days because of a family emergency. I was trying to balance work, taking care of Sevi and my health at the same time and it just didn’t make sense to add on top of that with a vlog. But I swear, picking up the camera has become a COMPULSION and I just had to do it even when my body said no. Have you ever experienced a compulsion like this before? When the desire to do something is so great that it defies all odds? I guess I have you to thank for my eventual speedy recovery! Forcing myself out of bed with physical activities really did make me feel a lot better.

The kids and I made a yummy cucumer lemon juice for everyones immunity boost at home and it was such a pleasure to make. To be honest, the reason why I’m in the kitchen a lot is because I love getting the kids involved in an activity we can all do together. Plus points if that activity churns out something yummy to eat or drink!

You guys will surely love the start of this video too with a fun little Q&A with Scottie Boo. He wanted to keep going and up to this day still asks me if he can record another one. I’m still on the fence with keeping him on the vlog or not, now that he is a bit older. I guess time will tell what we decide to do. Praying for guidance to ultimately make the right decision for him.

I wish I could film more of Sevi to show you guys, but to be honest, it’s really hard to take care of him and hold the camera at the same time. He is soooo active now! Everyone around me tells me how obsessed I am with him, and it really does show. I can’t get over his cuteness. Whenever we are together, I just forget about the whole world and enjoy our time together. I guess most of our moments with Tebi will just have to be kept to ourselves for now. 💗

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


Knit top: Zara

Mustard Culottes: Love Bonito:

Brown Skort: Love Bonito:

Khaki Shorts: Love Bonito:

White Wide Leg Pants: Love Bonito:

White slides: Love Bonito:

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Belt: Faure le Page

White bag: Jacquemus

Cellphone Case: Casetify

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