Queenstown Vlog- Part 1

Slater and I flew to Queenstown, New Zealand to shoot our prenup photos before our wedding day. To those of you reading this and have no idea what Prenup photos mean- these are pictures you take as a couple to show during your wedding day reception. It’s quite trendy in Asia, but I recently found out that not all cultures practice this. In New Zealand, engaged couples rarely have this done- unless they are Asian šŸ˜› We took the opportunity to explore the town as well, since it is well known for its adventure sports and scenic views. For the first day, we hopped on the TSS Earnslaw Cruise, a steamboat built in the year 1912 that is still running up to this day. We docked at Walter Peak and had a little demo on how they herd sheep and get their wool. That was super fun and insightful. The tour came with a yummy bbq lunch too which was super meaty (Slater enjoyed that very much!). The afternoon was spent up at the Skyline Gondola where we had the most amazing view of the entire town. We took a few luge rides down (that was super fun too! Until my fingers felt like they were gonna fall off from the cold!). Unfortunately, that was all we could do for this first half of the vlog, as we got into a pretty bad car accident. šŸ™ We felt super shaken up that we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. We hope you enjoy this first half of the vlog and stay tuned for the next one! Working on it as we speak!