Rainy Day Essentials

Now that we’re halfway into the year, the rainy season is once again upon us. That means bye bye bikinis and hello waterproof everything!

Transitioning from dry to wet season in the Philippines is especially challenging since we never know how the day will turn out. It may start sunny in the morning, but end up pouring with rain in the afternoon. You wouldn’t want to be caught in a flood in your perfectly white new canvas sneakers, am I right?

To help, I’ve come up with a list of items (other than the good ol’ umbrella and your trusty rain boots) that are essential for the coming days ahead. Let’s dive straight into the wet season well prepared, shall we?

  1. Turtlenecks

You might associate this clothing item solely for winter, but it’s actually something you can style with clothes that you already have. Wear it tucked in with a pair of simple denim jeans, spice it up by layering it under a thin-strapped midi dress or throw on an oversized jacket over it, and you’ll have that cute indie barista look going on in seconds!

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  1. Cropped Jackets

Don’t let the gray skies or rain stop you from dressing up! If you can’t fully commit to wearing a long trench coat or a thick jacket, layer with a crop jacket instead! It is easy to wear and pair with any outfit – from floral dresses to an all-linen ensemble or even just a simple white top and jeans combo. The cropped cut definitely elevates and modernizes your everyday outfit.

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  1. Cute Hats

Now this is an essential for your rain-proof closet! Hats are definitely much too underrated! They add a whole dimension to your outfit and I highly suggest you start wearing hats more often! I suggest investing in felt fedoras (classic!) to protect you from the rain. But if you’re not one for experimenting, start with a good old baseball cap and work your way up!

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  1. High Socks

Pairing your trainers with high socks is soooo 90s but it can totally up your style game (and protect you from pesky splashes)! Go for a neutral monochrome outfit and add a pop of color with your knee highs!

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  1. Acetate Bag – Transparent Bag

See-through bags are a HOT trend right now and you should definitely get your hands on one ASAP! It’s a chic alternative to your canvas totes that could potentially get your everyday essentials wet and destroyed. Choose your fighter and remain chic no matter the weather forecast!

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  1. Mandals

Wearing a pair of boots in humid weather is a disaster waiting to happen. Trade your soles for a pair of rubber mandals that are chunky enough to protect you from the puddles of rain water, and cute enough to make you look right on trend this season.

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  1. Waterproof Mascara

Fresh and waterproof- that’s our goal- even if you have to do errands all day! Scour the market for the best smudge-proof, and waterproof mascara that could withstand a harsh rainy day! This way, you don’t have to worry about having panda eyes, especially when you have to walk under the rain!

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  1. Bold Lipsticks

You can skip the eyeshadow but never a bold lippie- especially on a rainy day! Your bright puckers will steal the show from those gloomy rain clouds and will pull the attention to your lips, and away from your eye-bags. (Trivia: Rain cloud lighting is terrible for selfies! Did anyone say eye bags?)

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  1. SPF Lotion

Gloomy skies can be deceiving. You might think that you don’t need to wear any SPF since you won’t be exposed to broad sunlight but THINK AGAIN! UV Rays are still present even if the clouds are covering the sun, so YES, you still need to put on your daily sunscreen! 30 years from now, you’ll thank me 😛

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Comment down below the things you would bring with you on a rainy day!

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3 Responses

  1. In my case, I usually bring with me my umbrella and lip balm. Yes! Lip balm. My lips easily dries up, loses moisture and cracks most esp on a cold season that’s why I have it with me all the time. 😊

  2. I also have to carry a glasses cloth to dry my spectacles once they’re wet 😂
    And my favourite RAIN brand raincoat. It is the best!
    Btw, where are the brown pants you are wearing in the top photo from? I’ve seriously been looking for a pair just like that. Thank you 😊

  3. The mandals! ♥ I used carmex lip balm everyday because of the cold weather but even in our office. I use it because I have cracked lips. Then for spf lotion I use biore UV aqua screen. I love it because its not sticky and for me it can be use as primer.

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