October 12, 2021

REAL TALK: Pregnancy Must Haves and Regrets

I’m definitely not a mommy expert (yet 😉 ) but I’ve done my fair share of research on the googlesphere about pregnancy essentials and let me tell you… That led to a whole lot of (necessary and unnecessary) shopping on Amazon. Sadly, only to find some completely useless and not at all practical for my use case! I guess it’s because most of the videos I watched were of moms living overseas, and their recommendations didn’t match our need here in the Philippines.

So if you’re in a situation like me or just got pregnant (congratulations!), this one is for you. Since I’m already on my last trimester, I thought I would share a few things that I found super useful from the start of my pregnancy until the present, as well as which things I bought and wish I hadn’t. To all expecting moms out there, I hope this video is helpful for you! X


– AZMED Belly Support from Amazon

alternative link here

-Pregnancy Pillow

buy locally wit Mandaue Foam via Lazada here

– Oils & Body Creams to prevent stretchmarks 

(watch the full video here)


New Chapter

-Nordic Natural Prenatal DHA

(get from Amazon or here)

– Vitamin D3

Evening Primrose Oil

Folic Acid

Mega Malunggay Pills

*it’s best to ask your doctor first before taking any of these!


– Juna Moms App

(download here)

– Soda Water

– Tums (for my acid reflux)



– Pillow Wedge

– Pregnancy Leggings

– Blanqi Support Tanks

– Ginger Candies

– Pregnancy Teas

– Maternity Swimwear

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