To all the girls (and guys) out there looking to invest in designer digs – this video is for you!

I started collecting bags and shoes when I had saved enough money and had a few bucks lying around to play with. I was in my mid-20s and I was hooked! I bought myself a lot of trendy pieces, and was dictated by gut feel – not exactly the smartest way to shop, I know!

Now that I have more responsibilities (and expenses lol) being a new wifey to my hubs, moving into a newly built home, and doing more adult stuff like grocery or plant shopping for the #Skypod lol- I’ve come to terms with handling my finances, setting my priorities straight and being more practical with my purchases.

So I thought I’d help out those of you thinking about splurging on a designer item today. I want you to be able to get the most use and most happiness out of your new purchase!

Instead of sharing which bags I love, I thought it would be useful to give your insight on what I regret buying instead! Hopefully, this saves you a buck or two and lets you put your money exactly in the right place (or shoe) enjoy!