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April 21, 2024

Realistic mornings at home, First Bangka Boating, Sevi the endorser

We start the video with an early wake up call from Scottie Boo- as always. He is my daily 5-6AM alarm clock! I really wonder how i’ll survive when Baby 3 comes out lol. You’ll see this very raw and real everyday morning noise at home and how my boys- although chaotic, bring so much love into our lives. I had to leave for Manila on a work trip for Makuku diapers’ second anniversary in the Philippines. Sevi and I are their brand ambassadors and we are so happy to be supporting a brand we truly love and believe in. Mommys and daddys, if you are looking for an affordable yet super good quality diaper, we highly recommend Makuku! Sevi has never had a diaper rash in spite of his super active lifestyle. Seeing his photos and videos everywhere during the event really made me miss the kids so much- even if I was only gone overnight! The next day, we went on a boating trip with some of my friends in Cebu. It was the kids’ first time riding a pump boat or Bangka. The verdict? They loved it! Scottie even jumped off the edge of the boat! I am so proud of him for facing his fears and being brave. Lastly, here’s a little glimpse of my fave part of the day which I don’t really show often here in the vlog. Our nightly routine with my makulit kids always brings so much happiness to me and hopefully this short clip will make you smile today too. Hope you guys enjoy this one! links: matomage hair styling stick: anessa sunscreen spray: beach hut hair and scalp sunblock: makuku slim care diapers Books from the Sky:

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